There are more internet users on mobile than desktop

Businesses can’t afford to have “No-Mobile” strategy

During the planning and development of the WeeSee TV I was very impressed with the service level provided by techliance.

James Jeffries
James Jeffries
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Beat your competitors at their own game by developing spot-on and customer-driven mobile applications with help from Techliance.

Inception of iPhone applications has rendered impeccable power and functionality to mobile phones and handheld devices. We at Techliance, specialize in embodying exceptional functional capabilities in these gadgets by developing innovative and robust iPhone / iPad applications. With our in-depth knowledge of development processes, we deliver robust and comprehensive iOS app development services catering to diversified business verticals.

At Techliance, we boast of an in-house team of proficient and skilled iPhone developers who have proven expertise in developing cutting-edge iPhone / iPad mobile apps.

Techliance is a leading android development company that renders qualitative android apps development solutions to enterprises across the globe. We have proven expertise in Android app development services that ensures value-added services to your mobile operations.

At Techliance, we have a technically-sound team of Android experts that has best-in-class skills and proven expertise in mobile application development by using the Android platform. Our programmers are dedicatedly engrossed in developing scalable and highly robust android mobile applications and porting to distinct mobile platforms.

Our “Happy Customers” Say It All!

During the planning and development of the Consult Connect platform I was very impressed with the service level provided by techliance. I am not only pleased with the results of the work performed by the team but I have established good working relationships with each member supporting this product development.

Jim Jefferies President Consult Connect

I started as a small client with only one developer and since then have grown to a much larger team. Throughout this entire process I always felt like I was very important to Techliance. The fact that the principles are actively involved in the company every day makes a huge difference. They are large enough to have expertise on 'all sides of all the fences', but small enough to give each project the personal attention it requires.

Phil Kochan CTO, iSpendWise

Working with Techliance went smoothly and they helped me complete my projects on-time and under our initial budget projections. They delivered quality software and paid close attention to the details. Techliance provided a blended team of local software managers and global engineers that allowed us to leverage the cost savings of offshore outsourcing and accelerate the release of our software projects.

Mathew Parr Owner/President, Web Level Marketing

We used Techliance to custom develop an instructor community and e-commerce store using open source platforms as a starting base. We contracted a full time developer that became our "IT employee" for our company. Being a small company we could not afford a full-time developer on staff. Our developer was excellent! He worked well, followed instructions, accomplished milestones and objectives on time with an exceptional quality of work.

Michael Lyman VP Business Development, Signing Time

Working with Techliance on the AmberEat project for web and app development has been truly an exciting experience. We are very fortunate to have a team of experts who knew how to manage our expectations from day one of the project. They delivered the best solution according to our requirements, within the decided budget and timelines. Our mobile app has been rolled out in limited areas of the United Kingdom. We have received great response from our customers and we share this success with Techliance. We now look forward to expanding it in other areas of the UK very soon.

Noor Mustafa CEO AmberEat
Mobile App Gallery

Group Travel Videos

This app is designed to allow you to upload and share Group Travel Video photos with family and friends back home as you travel. We'll use your photos to create a very cool video for your group. You will be able to watch a highlight video and the full length video right on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. Also, you will be able to view everyone's photos and share them on Facebook, as well as your highlight video. And all with this App!

android iphone


This app makes ordering maintenance services for your home as simple and straightforward as buying a product online. Answer a few questions and we’ll give our best guess on the required repair and estimate the cost of repair. Additionally, we’ll list likely additional services that may be required to perform a proper repair, so you have no surprises. From the app you’ll know when the technician will arrive, who they are, and how customers have rated their work in the past.

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Modius App is focused on providing the tools that enable companies to gather data about their processes, turn that data into information, and use that information to make effective decisions to guide their company down the path that they desire. Want to know how much a job cost to run? Done. Want to know how much to charge for a new job? Done. Modius360 makes it easy to answer these questions.

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Grind Golf

Featured in Golf Magazine as the Techiest Golf App. We are now offering a 7 day Free Trial. The Grind is a $5.99 a year subscription. The Grind Golf App has many areas to improve your game.

The Grind Golf App is THE roadmap to better golf scores beginning with, How To Practice. With the in depth stat tracker, The Grind develops practice plans for you to reach your goals.



Imagine you meet a homeless man at the street corner in Dallas who tells you he hasn’t eaten in three days. He needs more help than you can provide.

The OurCalling app gives you access to information on hundreds of service providers for the homeless and impoverished throughout Dallas County in Texas. This app also serves as a digital version of the directory.

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WeSee TV

Everywhere you go you see people using their phone to record video. We see people recording their family, children, friends, at sport venues, concerts, performances, lectures, news worthy events, etc. Mobile video recording is all around us all of the time.

We thought, wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to see these videos, created by anyone with a smart phone that happens to be recording at the same time, in a single webpage?

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Travmeet is an application that allows you to schedule meet ups on the go. This app is different in the sense that it is for a closed group of people. You can create trips, schedule meet ups, chat with your friends and categorize your contacts in private and public groups. Meet ups can be scheduled with individuals or a group of people. With stunning UI and instant notifications, TravMeet is your personal relationship manager.

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“Warren’s Advanced English” is a self-study English course for Chinese speakers. It is probably the most comprehensive, advanced, and easy-to-use self-study English course ever created. We urge you to try the free download, which provides 12 free lessons, so that you can see for yourself. The course already exists in Spanish and Arabic, and we have now tailored it for Chinese speakers by providing a beautiful Chinese translation for each lesson.

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