Mathew Parr

Owner/President, Web Level Marketing

Working with Techliance went smoothly and they helped me complete my projects on-time and under our initial budget projections. They delivered quality software and paid close attention to the details. Techliance provided a blended team of local software managers and global engineers that allowed us to leverage the cost savings of offshore outsourcing and accelerate the release of our software projects.

Phil Kochan

CTO, iSpendWise

I started as a small client with only one developer and since then have grown to a much larger team.  Throughout this entire process I always felt like I was very important to Techliance.   The fact that the principles are actively involved in the company every day makes a huge difference.  They are large enough to have expertise on 'all sides of all the fences', but small enough to give each project the personal attention it requires.

When I hired our first developer at Techliance he was such an effective communicator and was so technically proficient that I thought, "Wow, we got sure got lucky."  But then we started working with our second developer and he had similar traits, and then the third, and fourth; until it was obvious that our good fortune was in finding Techliance!

Jim Jeffries

President Consult Connect

During the planning and development of the Consult Connect platform I was very impressed with the service level provided by techliance. I am not only pleased with the results of the work performed by the team but I have established good working relationships with each member supporting this product development.

Michael Lyman

Vice President of Business Development, Signing Time

We used Techliance to custom develop an instructor community and e-commerce store using open source platforms as a starting base. We contracted a full time developer that became our "IT employee" for our company. Being a small company we could not afford a full-time developer on staff. Our developer was excellent! He worked well, followed instructions, accomplished milestones and objectives on time with an exceptional quality of work

David Silver

Web Start-Up

In a short period of time, Techliance had interviewed, filtered and selected several highly qualified Pakistani engineers to work on my project.  From that point I worked with Techliance to make the final candidate choice and then they took care of the rest.  I’ve since hired an additional engineer and worked with Techliance’s graphics engineer.  All of my project engineers are talented and speak great English.  
Techliance covers all the management and administrative headaches with seasoned management team in the US and Pakistan.  Accordingly, I can focus on what is most important - the creation of the product.  Further, Techliance has embraced the latest technology and been able to help where others didn’t know where to start.
Techliance is a fantastic resource for big or small companies to tap high quality tech talent with rates much lower than you would find at home.  The process has exceeded my expectations and there is no doubt that without Techliance, I would not have explored my project.  Today I continue to build my project with a near-term launch target and I continue to be very satisfied with the value they deliver.

Keith Griffiths

SecureAlert, Inc.

Over the last year, Techliance has consistently proven their ability to find, filter and hire top quality engineers. They have developed the infrastructure, management and support services necessary for a successful outsource experience. Techliance have provided our organization with a vital piece of our engineering team and I would recommend them to any organization looking to participate in the outsource market.

Scott Runkel

President, Tenant Technologies, Inc.

The true test of any company is how it handles the occasional concerns that arise -- whether it's returning a pair of shoes, getting your cable fixed, or working with software engineers. This is an area where Techliance proves itself to be exceptional. When I have an issue, my questions are always addressed quickly, thoroughly, and with the utmost concern for the success of my projects. I've been absolutely blown away by the attention I've received from very high-up people at the company. They make me feel like I'm their #1 client every day.



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