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Android application development is unique as it utilizes an open source platform based on Linux. This provides a wealthy development environment and access to core mobile functionality through the use of standard API labels. These features greatly enable marketing, publishing, and promotion of the custom software and mobile services. The Android platform abbreviates the process of development with built-in API efficiencies which allows us to pass savings on to our clients. This helps to support the development of mobile applications in a simplified development environment. Our team of mobile application developers has years of experience using java language and android framework to port to mobile devices as an active testing stimulator.

Android does not distinguish between the phone's heart applications and moderator applications. As well, Android offers rich support for its core library for developers to build third party applications. In effect, this opened up a huge area of potential development such as:

  • Business/office Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Communication Applications
  • Games Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Security Applications
  • Internet Applications

Techliance has also worked on various projects which have functionality support of Wi-Fi and the GPS conditional application for the Android Platform. It has excellent support for all media types and graphics.

Our Expertise

Our Android developers are highly qualified, learned, and experienced professionals who are proficient in making applications according to the needs and requirements of the customers. Experience of these people includes mobile development applications using Java and other important platforms. As all we know that Android is an open source so it is easily capable of being extending to other technologies.

Our Role

Techliance has the experience of working seven years in mobile development industry. Our team including project manager, enginers, developers, and technicians has the honor of developing applications of high level. We are excelled in developing core Android applications such as email clients, maps, calendar programs, browser, contacts, and other common applications written in Java. Being courteous, i would like to say on behalf of DevIT that they feel really happy while answering all questions and queries regarding Android application developing. People should feel free to contact us to meet the challenges.

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