Getting the most out of iPhone 6 Health App

If you are an iPhone 6 user, you probably have no idea how beneficial Health app can be. We even bet that you are not aware of its many extensive features and how it can help you in getting the maximum out of your health. Health app remains as one of the lesser explored […]

Highlighting Commonly Faced iOS Issues and Their Fixes

The battle between iOS and Android is never-ending. The scales are always tilted at one side or the other. Although with the latest iPhone 6 out in the market, the gods have been smiling down on Apple. However, many Apple users have pointed out some issues that they have been facing with iOS9. We […]

Expected Gold Rush in Mobile Business Apps Development

Considering the current sensation for smart phones and tablet PCs, a large number of software developers are expecting a gold rush for business applications development.
A recent study from IBM indicates that tech pros from all corners of the world are expecting a huge increase in business application development for devices like Apple’s iPhone, iPad, […]

Mobile Application Development And Its Different Aspects

Gone are the days when cell phones were used only to make and receive calls. They have, indeed, turned into mini computers these days and allow you to do almost all the stuff that you can do with a fast and robust PC. Mobile application development is becoming immensely popular for the current boom […]

Why You Should Consider Offshore PHP Development

PHP is a widely used scripting language for creating dynamic websites. It’s, indeed, the basic tool to modify some program into a web-based function. PHP is a free open source language and it’s reckoned the best thing about this scripting language. In almost all domains of the web development, this scripting language is being […]

iPhone application development demand will never decrease!

iPhone – the revolutionary smartphone from the Apple is widely loved today among the mobile phone users. Though there are lots of other Android phones, BlackBerry handsets, and Windows phone 7 devices, yet iPhone gadgets have their own grace and style. Today, more and more people access internet through iPhone devices. That is the […]

Jump in on the bandwagon of iPhone application development?

Apple’s iPhone is a popular mobile phone that needs not be introduced to any tech savvy person. It has managed to win over millions of new users and the users continue to grow even as you read this. The popularity of this technology has opened a lot of new horizons such as iPhone application […]

iPhone Application Development Through Professional iPhone Apps Developer

Technology always possesses a tendency of surprising and astonishing both consumers and non-consumers by its innovative creation and deployment. The latest always takes over its predecessors, making even a bigger and better impression. And we anticipate another marvel revolutionizing our lives. At the present, we are endowed with the introduction of iPhone platform that […]

Specialists of the Mobile Application Development

Techliance has wide-ranging capability in Mobile Application Development platform including the following:

1. iPhone Application Development,
2. Windows Mobile Application,
3. Mobile enabled website development,
4. J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Google Android, NFC Phone,
5. iPhone Mobile Website Development,
6. iPhone Mobile Application Development

The trends of the mobile world are changing at a rapid […]

Protect Yourself from Dubious Companies Offering Iphone Development Services in US

When it comes to iPhone application services in US, there are so many iPhone development service providers around that figuring out the right Company – offering genuine services – becomes a daunting task. To stay safe from dubious iPhone development service providers, it is best to equip yourself with a couple of tips given […]