Rounding up on Top 5 Android Wear Smart Apps

There are more than 4000 Android Wear smart apps to choose from. If you are part of the Android Wear cult, you’d probably be interested in knowing which apps you should install on your smartwatch. There is no denying the fact that by installing some useful apps, you will be able to gain the […]

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for CEOs

The world of smartphones growing faster than ever. Every business owner use smartphones to stay updated about their business on the go. The basic use of smartphones for any business owner is to have a regular access to office documents and applications where they can utilize every minute of time. Here are some of […]

Hire Android Development Services

The number of people switching from PCs and laptops to smartphones is growing by the day. The reason for this is that smartphones such as the iPhone andothers are becoming more advanced and thus enabling users to achieve more than just making a call or texting friends and family. Just like the PC or laptop needs an operating system to function, the smartphone also needs its own operating system. One of the widely used operating system for smartphones is Android. Companies that want applications developed on Android prefer to hire Android application development services. These are individuals or companies that have experience and specialize in designingapplications based on the Android operating system.

Before hiring an Android programmer or an Android application development company, it is important to conduct a thorough research about the operating system. This is important because you will have a difficult time deciding on which type of programmer to hire if you have insufficient information about the operating system. There are plenty or resources available on the internet that will provide all the essential information about Android operating systems. These resources includewebsites, articles as well as online forums.

Getting the Best Android Application Development Services

The recognition of Smartphone especially Android is sky rocketing, so much so that the Smartphone consumers have to be now regarded as a different target market. Catering to this particular market involves the development of applications that are compatible with the operating system and platform of Android phones. This prompts the need of hiring […]

Tasty Evolution of Android Versions (Infographic)

Andriod has become most people choice after their launch in September 2008. Google launched the first version with simple Android mascot. The newer versions have evolved into delicious dessert names in alphabetical order starting with Andriod 1.5 Cupcake.

After the launch of Android OS, the demand for mobile application for android has increased significantly. We […]

Top 20 Android Applications for 2013

Android application development is a topic of vast interest and revenue for many established entrepreneurs and companies across the globe. Each day witnesses the release of new Android applications in the market, making it a tough competition for app developing companies to excel. This makes it all the more reason to explore the top […]

Google Simplifies Android Application Development

The world of technology is continually evolving because of the various platforms and tools that in turn have helped in development of an array of exciting new mobile applications. The business of mobile application development is constantly on a rise. There are many front runners leading the way and shaping out the future of […]

The Latest Scoop on Nexus 4 Android Phone

Hello and welcome to yet another blog post on our portal. We always try to bring you the latest development in the world of mobile apps and technology. This time around, we are featuring Nexus 4 in our blog as we outline some of the features behind its outstanding success as well as the […]

Android Still at Number Two as the Mobile OS of Choice for Mobile Developers as of Q1 2013

Android remains behind iOS in terms of popularity among mobile developers as of the first quarter of this year according to a survey conducted by research firm Forrester. A total of 35% of the respondents say that they prioritize developing for iOS devices, while 27% say that they prioritize developing for Android devices. This […]

Todays Top Three Android Smart Phones

Android is currently the top performer in the smart phone market, conquering a commanding 70% of all devices used worldwide. Despite its fragmented system, developers are still busy churning apps regularly, unfazed by any difficulties that come their way. In fact, they seem to be enjoying the challenges because of opportunities for creativity.
We love […]