PHP vs. ASP – Some Noteworthy Differences

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Pre Hypertext Processor (PHP) and Active Server Pages (ASP) are two well known sources to develop different kinds of web applications. A considerable number of programming languages experts think that PHP and ASP can be interchangeably used. They also believe that both these means for developing web applications are capable of developing web applications with the same kind of functionality. Despite these similarities, some noteworthy differences exist between these two. Whether you are going to hire a php website development and design company or want to outsource your project for .net application development, you need to keep certain aspects in mind before hiring a website ...

Why You Should Consider Offshore PHP Development

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PHP is a widely used scripting language for creating dynamic websites. It’s, indeed, the basic tool to modify some program into a web-based function. PHP is a free open source language and it’s reckoned the best thing about this scripting language. In almost all domains of the web development, this scripting language is being used nowadays.

A considerable number of small and large organizations are looking for reliable offshore PHP development services, as an offshore PHP development team can help y ...

E-commerce Websites and PHP as a Scripting Language

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E-commerce is all about cutthroat competition these days, and you can’t overlook even the slightest aspect of you customers’ contentment. If you ignore that fact, you are unknowingly benefiting your competitors and allowing your customers to buy from them. One of the most important aspects is website speed and you need to pay special attention to speed when developing an e-commerce website. Any website, which instantly responds to customers’ needs, becomes a favorite source for them. Customers not only like to shop from such websites, but they also like to use it again. That’s why developers of e-commerce websites keep speed on top priority when developing e-commerce websites. PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor programming language is being widely used in e-commerce websites development. It a ...