Why You Should Consider Offshore PHP Development

PHP is a widely used scripting language for creating dynamic websites. It’s, indeed, the basic tool to modify some program into a web-based function. PHP is a free open source language and it’s reckoned the best thing about this scripting language. In almost all domains of the web development, this scripting language is being used nowadays.

A considerable number of small and large organizations are looking for reliable offshore PHP development services, as an offshore PHP development team can help you achieve your set goals in a cost effective way.  Companies that outsource their projects know well that offshore PHP development can not only save them a good deal of time and money. No doubt, many offshore php development companies are offering world class services to their clients around the globe and they have earned quite a name in this connection. These companies are offering diverse PHP based online solutions for E-commerce, discussion and chats forums, web calendars, CRM and even for CMS.

Though a considerable number of web development companies prefer to outsource their PHP web development projects to some offshore companies. They think often think that they cannot monitor their projects well on a distant place. Communication problems are another thing which stops them to outsource their project to some offshore web development company.

These days an array of communication tools available which have proved very effective to bridge the communication gap among the persons living in different parts of the world. So communication is not a big issue these days especially after the advent of smartphones like BlackBerry, iPhone and many different web based applications and conferencing tools.

Some other advantages of hiring an offshore php development services include:

  • Companies can save almost one fourth of their project expenditures by hiring an offshore php development company.
  • Easy hiring of expert php programmers with very high skill sets.
  • Dependable teams
  • Most developers are qualified people and have excellent communication skills
  • Most developers are well aware of the latest web development technologies and can utilize these technologies into your projects.
  • Results of recent studies indicate that nearly 60% PHP outsourcing projects are completed within the given time frame, while other 40% need a little bit extension in timeframe.

Though certain risks are involved when you hire an offshore web development company for your php development or some other project, this kind of risk is really worth taking considering cost effectiveness of hiring an offshore company.

E-commerce Websites and PHP as a Scripting Language

E-commerce is all about cutthroat competition these days, and you can’t overlook even the slightest aspect of you customers’ contentment. If you ignore that fact, you are unknowingly benefiting your competitors and allowing your customers to buy from them. One of the most important aspects is website speed and you need to pay special attention to speed when developing an e-commerce website. Any website, which instantly responds to customers’ needs, becomes a favorite source for them. Customers not only like to shop from such websites, but they also like to use it again. That’s why developers of e-commerce websites keep speed on top priority when developing e-commerce websites.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor programming language is being widely used in e-commerce websites development. It allows developers to generate dynamic pages with syntax like C, Java and Perl. Your script becomes almost impossible to steal if written in PHP and this one is the biggest advantage of using PHP. Apart from swiftness, there are several other advantages of PHP in e-commerce website development.

  • MySQL database and PHP combination is an effective tool to develop e-commerce websites. This affordable, but remarkably fast system is being widely used in an array of applications these days. Creating shopping cart and many other e-commerce tools become quite easy with this combination.
  • The loading time of some website can be reduced by making the most of switch () function. Comparison of a variable against several values can be done quite quickly.
  • A website can also become speedier with exit () function. This function closes the whole script and nothing keeps working after that. This function can be used not only to increase an e-commerce website speed, but gives better finishing to the script as well.
  • The start/end functions can also be used to calculate PHP scripts execution time. With PHP.ini file, php script execution time also be boosted or decreased according to your requirement. In e-commerce website development, this execution time calculation is considered a vital function.
  • Compiling or simply caching the dynamic pages can also prove very effective to boost speed.

Google has been backing website owners to improve their website speed, and recently the search giant has announced that website speed will be used as an important parameter for search engine ranking. In these circumstances, it becomes a matter of utmost importance for websites owners to check the speed of their websites.