Google Plus 1 vs. Facebook Like


With rapidly advancing technology and its technicalities – smart cyber-tech drivers are working tirelessly to break down communication barriers and make social interaction better, thus further shrinking our global village. It’s only a few years back when Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellows Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes launched Facebook that set new social interaction trends, and reshaped internet marketing industry. Millions of internet users grew addicted to Facebook propelling ... – the latest Strategic Alliance between Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo!


, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! finally have taken the step that will help website publishers in improving web search results for the end users. This is introduced as that indeed is very big SEO news of the current era. This new alliance seems strange but it will surely help users – the searchers in getting the richer and appropriate search results. If you have ever noticed, currently all of these top three s ...

Expected Gold Rush in Mobile Business Apps Development

Mobile Business Apps Development

Considering the current sensation for smart phones and tablet PCs, a large number of software developers are expecting a gold rush for business applications development. A recent study from IBM indicates that tech pros from all corners of the world are expecting a huge increase in business application development for devices like Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Google Android phones and BlackBerry devices such as PlayBook and its other smart phones. According to the survey, which included 2000 p ...