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Microsoft Launches – What Exactly It Is? takes online learning to the next level.
Pronounced “Social”, is an interesting experiment developed at Microsoft’s FUSE labs. It sets up as a social network that allows people to find and share interesting web pages, videos, images, or news; bring together a hodgepodge of searched & chosen contents; and cooperate with each other using rich media sharing.

Who is Aimed at?
The social network targets students in the first place. However, all MSN users and FaceBook registered members can use it, too. Please note that is built not to keep up with your mates, play games, or take quizzes but to help primarily with research and learning. The Microsoft Authority states that in no way the social networking site intends to follow Facebook or Twitter.

How Does it Work?
Type in a search term in, and like a normal search engine, it will display results as videos, images, web or news. The results closer to your searched term can be pulled into your feed, shared, and used to develop rich contents. This will enable you to have a scrapbook-like space with the best answers to your questions.

What makes social?
Turns out, any queries made within the social network are public.
Your queries are made public only to enable other searchers to discover relevant and rich posts that you have created under the same or similar searches. This is going to save new searchers a substantial amount of leg work as well as help them consider things that perhaps would go unnoticed earlier.

What’s a video party?
Video party is the main method of direct communication on This is a video chat that anyone can simultaneously host or join with multiple friends. This particular feature allows users to work together in a live environment where they can create and edit rich posts at the same time. Users may add IM chat in an interface, too. To sign up for, users can either use a Facebook ID or Microsoft Live account.

What Next? isn’t competing with any of the existing social networking websites. It is too early to state how successful the effort will be. However, it can be predicted that the technology is going to end up being integrated into Bing thereby influencing search by social results.
So folks! If you haven’t signed up for yet, now is the time. It’s free, and quite open for all to use. Visit and get yourself on it!

Website is a Part of Online Branding

online  web branding

It’s no longer enough to have a physical presence for a company’s business to grow. The new rules of branding your business require you to create and maintain a web presence. This could be by getting implementing sleek website, creating a social-media presence, and maintaining an aesthetic and consistent brand online.

You may ask yourself, “Why Create a Website? Why do I need it when I already have a stable business and loyal customers?” Well, having a professional website gets your business exposed to global customers.
Over the past two decades, the Internet has evolved as a gigantic market. Today, more and more people are using the Web as a first place to shop, for its convenience and time saving characteristics. Customers and general users expect a company to maintain a website. With a well-developed site, your products or services are accessible, to prospective customers around the world, 24/7.

You’ll hear people say, “I think they have a website, I’ll check out that first.” This proves websites DO have a strong impact on the branding of your business or company.

Whether your business is big or small, centered on buying or selling goods or services, you’ll need to work under the umbrella called “Your Brand”. So, if you are concerned about branding your business for the global audience, nothing is as powerful and effective a tool as a website.
Your brand constitutes a package of promises to consumers, whereas branding is the sum of their experiences with a product or company. The process of branding entails a set of steps that make consumers believe and embrace your brand. Branding is of great significance to any business, involved with making a physical as well as virtual presence.

Today, websites are one of the popular approaches for branding a business. A website encompasses almost all the techniques which effectively give your brand an enormous exposure. You need to make your website as outstanding as possible, because besides branding your business, it provides the following benefits:
•    Cheaper and flexible than print advertising
•    Market expansion
•    24/7 accessible
•    Improves credibility
•    Growth opportunity
•    Diversifies revenue streams
•    Offers convenience
•    Adds value and satisfaction
•    Standardizes sales performance
•    Two-way communicative marketing

So, why should you have an outstanding website? The answer to this question lies in another question.: Why does anybody have a name? The answer is, to have an identity. Well, if a name is an identity, what is the need of a surname? Obviously, it represents an individual’s family, society, and culture. Now how many guys do you know, with a first name of Bob? Probably, a lot. But, there’s only one Bob Sager, whom almost everybody knows.

Let’s assume there happens to be another guy named Bob Seger. But, if Bob Seger appears in a concert on TV, you can tell the difference. Why? It’s mainly because Bob Seger is a brand of his work, skill, and industry.
Similarly, your products or services could be the same as another company’s. You’re your website’s design and content can also be very similar. If that occurs, there is little chance a user will remember you over your look-alike. This means your brand has failed to make an impression on the user’s mind, and you may lose your customer.

Hopefully, this explains why companies need websites for branding of their businesses. If you’re planning on creating a web presence for your business, you should consider these things carefully for your brand.

Hire SEO expert for online branding or developer for quality website application development – the latest Strategic Alliance between Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo!

Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! finally have taken the step that will help website publishers in improving web search results for the end users. This is introduced as that indeed is very big SEO news of the current era. This new alliance seems strange but it will surely help users – the searchers in getting the richer and appropriate search results.

If you have ever noticed, currently all of these top three search engines even provide you with bulk of spam and low-quality content as search results against many keywords. This joint alliance and combined effort of though is not a spam killer but it will help all these three search giants – Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! to create a mutual and common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages.

This new Schema consists of a set of micro-data, from each of the search engine that will be used to enhance and populate the search results. Not only the existing data but the fresh data too will be included in this micro-data to be this schema supported. provides a standard format for micro-data that avoids many standardization hassles and questions. If you are not so sure whether it will support previous micro-formats and RDFas, it will – says.

This, while on the one hand helps these three search engines in better capturing the search engine industry, at the same time will also help the webmasters and website publishers  to better display their websites in search engine results. That will result in appropriate and better results for any user against any search keyword.

“We know that it takes time and effort for webmasters to add this markup to their pages, and adding markup is much harder if every search engine asks for data in a different way.” Google Fellow Ramanathan Guha says. “With webmaster feedback, we’ll be able to regularly publish new schemas for sites to use and, in turn, expand the list of queries with rich results,” Guha added. In the same way Bing and Yahoo! professionals also feel that this new SE alliance will help both users and the search engines likewise.

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Professional SEO helps your brand go globallay local!

Search Engine Optimization is a leading online marketing technique today. It refers to the process of optimizing your website’s availability – that is improving the visibility of your website – so much so the website appears earlier or higher on the page and as frequently as possible in the search results list against specific terms or keywords. More and more people get hooked on internet every second of the day, one thing or the other is holding the attention of internet surfers and a good number of those include your potential customers too. In order to attract your potential customers, you need effective online marketing strategies and penetrative yet result-oriented SEO plans to improve your business’s online visibility.

Appropriate SEO plans can help grow your online presence in more than one ways, such that your brand goes globally local, reaching customers far and wide particularly in the way your customer should be viewing it. If your business web site can emerge and re-emerge on search engine results page, it obviously is a healthy sign and a sign of many good things to come. All this talk means one thing and one thing only, more visibility, more stopovers and more ROI. At the end of a day, it all comes to down to what you can do online to increase your sales revenues, and SEO is an answer to all these worries.

If you hire professional SEO services for your business; basically, you’ve obtained a promotional program that never sleeps. It is there every second, every minute, and every hour of the day serving the whole band of your existing and potential customers. The combined synergistic effect of increased visibility and availability underscores your unrelenting commitment towards your customer, it means you value their time, and of course, serving them best could only mean more business.

By getting quality SEO services, you can quantify the SEO results. An effective SEO plan will help you get more sales. Isn’t that what you are looking for as a business?

There are various SEO strategies that include keyword research, article marketing, social bookmarking, email marketing, forum posting, and link building etc. In social bookmarking your website is submitted to various social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, StumleUpon and YouTube. Research shows that such websites generate unique and increased traffic for your business.  Professional keyword research services also play a very important role in your website’s SEO. It helps you identify the suitable and necessary keywords in a specific niche market to target on. In the same way professional link building, article marketing, email marketing and forum posting services also play a vital role in making your website famous on the internet.

At Techliance our SEO experts understand your online marketing needs and are totally committed to providing you with the most suitable online marketing and SEO solutions at affordable rates. And that is our optimization.

6 SEO Tips To Consider While Re-Designing Your Website

Appropriate SEO efforts have become essential for any website no matter it is being redesigned or being launched from scratch. Most of website owners think that SEO efforts will be started once the website is designed, redesigned and launched. In real it can cost you more money as SEO team can suggest you some changes in design when design has completed. So better is to start your SEO efforts while you are making a new design for your existing or brand new website.

Especially when you are redesigning your existing website, you need to take extra care because if you don’t care; your website traffic can marginally be decreased. For this reason, today we are going to share 6 effective tips which you should consider while redesigning your existing website.

1. Develop a website that is both user and Search Engine friendly

When we say both user friendly and Search engine; we precisely mean a website that does not have barriers to both humans and search engines. During a site design or redesign engage your SEO team with designers and developers so that in very start they can guide you about how to make your website both user and search engine friendly. In case you are redesigning perform a thorough site audit. In this web site audit you consider certain things including site navigation, page layout, link structure, content duplication, finding and using appropriate keywords etc.

2. Do keyword research

While redesigning or designing your website design. you should find out appropriate keyword and search terms that are relevant to your website and industry. There are various tools which help you doing so, but you should mainly consider search engine advertising campaigns and website analytics and such reports.

3. Use appropriate and relevant keyword phrases and search terms in site design

Once you have considered important keywords for your website, you need to use those search terms and keywords in appropriate way. See if enough people are searching those terms. If not, you need to determine other terms which are being searched widely. After that you need to generate relevant content which includes those keyword phrases. Optimizing site pages also should be considered at this stage.

4. Develop suitable site navigation along with proper link structure

After determining the content for your website, you should develop a navigation structure that makes it easy for users to navigate through your website easily. Choosing proper link structure also helps you generating more Search Engine based traffic to your website.

5. Decide pages that will focus on more important keyword phrases

Your website analytics and reports tell you about pages which bring more traffic towards your website. You need to focus on those pages and need to give them outlook that is attractive and eye-catching for readers. If you redesign your website URL changes can give you tough time as your website URLs need to be re-crawled by the search engines. You need to redirect users properly by using 301 redirects. Furthermore you need to re-use important content that was available previously on specific pages.

6. Check incoming links coming to your website

Checkout back-links or incoming links to your website from other web pages and websites; it helps you knowing that which pages are bringing more targeted traffic to your website and also about those who help you getting higher ranking in search engine results.  At this stage you need to use 301 redirects here too as those may be linking towards your website’s inner pages.

In this way, you can take care of your website traffic even if your website is being rebuilt.



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