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What Zend Development can do for you?


The article is written to illustrate the importance of Zend as one of the primary solutions for PHP Development. The article also discusses the three main components of Zend development along with their specific features for its users. The underlying idea is to highlight the importance of Zend in providing a complete solution for web-based application development.

Zend Development - Php Frame Works
What is Zend Development?

Zend, as one of the leading PHP solutions providers, is now able to provide its Zend Development Solution to those who are software developers looking for a reliable, high performance environment for developing new products.

What can they do for you?

Zend is already supplying its solutions to over 40,000 companies around the world, with many leading brands taking advantage of Zend’s all encompassing products.

 The Development Solution provides three core components to its users.They are:

Zend Development ( Php Frame Works)

Zend Development Studio

    • Zend Studio:

      this allows the professional grade PHP-IDE (integrated development environment) to help the developer create and maintain code more efficiently. It further allows team collaboration as well as a problem solving mechanism.Further an application can be geared towards Cloud. Zend Studio will allow the developer to run applications in a consistent PHP environment via In addition, an integrated AWS Toolkit will allow the developer to access Amazon Web Services.Zend Studio has evolved from Eclipse, one of the leading open source projects’ benefitting the developer with a reliable and standardized environment as well as over 1,000 Eclipse plug-ins.There is also a test-lab/production environment, which allows the developer to detect and debug any problems before the application is released.


    • Zend Server:

      this is a fully functioning enterprise-ready web application server; allowing the developer to run and manage PHP applications Zend Server provides a pre-integrated and tested solution designed to assist in removing usual issues faced with PHP infrastructure. The native installer (RPM/DEB and MSI) includes a certified PHP distribution as well as Zend Framework. Connectivity to all common databases, Java, a scalable and PHP-integrated download server, Apache Web server, and MySQL database is also included as part of this component of the Zend Development Solution. Applications’ performances are further boosted by code acceleration; full page caching and data caching.Consequently, a developer will be able to optimize the performance of any application. More importantly, for the developer, this product allows the speedy diagnosis of any problem with the application prior to launch. Zend Server’s Code Tracing produces, much like an aircraft’s black box, a real time record of all activity, allowing for later analysis or diagnosis of any issues arising.


    • Zend Support:

      this component of the Zend Development Solution provides the well-established and proven technical support of Zend. This enables the developer to feel comfortable in relying at the IT help for assistance. At all times the developer will have the reassurance that any issues that arises, either at Enterprise or Standard level, will be dealt with as quickly and as effectively as possible. Such assurance covers the installation, usage, problem diagnosis, configuration, product defects and, if necessary, any upgrades.Further guidance is provided by Zend ‘How To’ service, answering many of the basic questions that a developer may have.Standard maintenance updates, as well as PHP security and critical bug hot fixes are also provided.

Best Practices in PHP Development

php web development

Customers nowadays gauge the credibility of your business with your online presence. This is why majority of businesses now are online and also providing services of similar nature. For this very purpose, many web-based technologies have come in the market. PHP web development has seen a steady rise in its popularity with 60% dominance on the Internet which in simple words means that more than 20 million websites are created in PHP. This is a clear evidence of preference for PHP development as it is considered a primary web programming language hands down without any sort of argument.

Taking a glance at PHP history, it would be amazing to know that it was initially built as a non-programming language that evolved into a programming one with each of its new version released in the market. The reason behind its vast fan following also has to do with the fact that its construct is relatively similar to C language. This in turn is a very encouraging for aspiring new comers to take up the language and groom themselves as dedicated PHP developers.

As an advice to new comers in the field, it is always better to select PHP web development project according to the needs of project that you take up as your assignment. You must also analyze its suitability against the complexities of the project. For instance, if your project is for a medium sized business then you can go for CakePHP development. However, if you are in need of something bigger then Zend framework development is the best idea.

PHP web development is an aspiring field where many companies are offering off-shore PHP development and consultancy services. You can hire a dedicated PHP developer with the proper know-how about the language for constructing code without any complexities. Some good practices of dedicated PHP developers include:


  • Using PHP functions in code asPHP development offersmany time saving functions like usort(), file_get_contents(), etc.
  • A dedicated PHP developer must acquire adequate knowledge of scripting that is key behind rapid and standardPHP programming.
  • It is always recommended to keep a record of essential code snippets which helps in saving time.
  • When you are working in a team or your project is attended by more than one PHP web programmer then you should use a version indicating system for codes. This practice is more useful when live version and development versions differ from one another.
  • Always ensure that your code is not over bundled or clumsy. You must develop an organized way of programming the code.


Techliance, a leading software and web apps development company, provides customers with scalable PHP development solutions. Hire dedicated PHP developers through Techliance to tackle the most challenging software problems with help of expert debugging and complexity solving methods. Our dedicated PHP developers are always in touch with latest PHP developments that are constantly taking place in the PHP web development community. Customers are provided optimized PHP solutions through compliant practices of analysis, debugging and coding.

Benefits of expert developers for troubleshooting your development problems

Many a time it happens that even most senior and expert developers of your company get stuck with some technical, programming related, or development code issues and waste much time on solving these, but still couldn’t get satisfactory solution. In other relevant case, it happens that while developing a new module, or editing a previously developed module, some functionality take too much time to be build and when build, has errors that are tough to find. Result is frustration!

There might be lots of solutions for such situations, but one simple, practical and most suitable solution is to have expert developers dedicated to troubleshoot your teams’ development problems. It bring many benefits. Increased productivity, decreased frustration and quick turnaround are some benefits to be mentioned. Let’s talk in a bit details.

If you have multiple teams consisting of several employees, only a project manager or team lead are not enough to handle all of such coding or troubleshooting issues. Because team leads and project managers have other responsibilities too and they can’t go to each resource to resolve their development problems. This is the reason various companies hire or internally promote expert developers as code troubleshooters to cope with such issues.

Be it PHP, Android, Java, .NET, or any programming language or environment, coming of such technical issues is inevitable and un-avoidable. Usually such troubleshooting experts are those resources who have spent much time in programming or your company’s specific domain and are practically well-aware of most of the issues that can occur during development.

So any time if a junior resource or even a senior developer if gets stuck in coding issues, they just call troubleshooting expert and he quickly identifies the issue and then suggests the solution. It helps teams reach their deadlines too. Such developers never let the development process stop and keep pushing the development standards to better than before. So code optimization also can be achieved by getting reasonable suggestions from these developers.

At Techliance, we have expert code troubleshooting developers who not only help our in-house developers solve their technical issues quickly but also offer their services to various other software development clients too. Need consultancy services or want to hire our such services to improve your development speed? Ping us today and we’ll ensure you get the ping reply within no time :).

Mobile Development with PHP

PHP is a tool for building web applications; however, mobile applications can be developed using the same tool but it is a relatively new area of discussion for the PHP developers. PHP development community is keeping a keen eye on Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 launch that is due in May this year. This new version is not an ordinary Flash Builder product rather it is the inaugural baby product of Zend and Adobe partnership, and that too, with the complete backing of Zend.

In the past, Flash Builder was purely an Adobe product but this time the combined efforts of Adobe and Zend Studio have come out with Flash Builder 4.5. It has features that make it much desired by the developers. PHP developers can develop mobile applications in an integrated environment which has the strengths of both PHP and Adobe Flash put together in one. Both of these applications are built on the Eclipse platform, which allows you to develop Flex and PHP code simultaneously.

Developing mobile applications which are near to perfection is an entirely different experience for the developers working from scratch in an integrated environment. This is only possible because it has two powerful programs bundled together into one; this makes it so great. That means you can construct apps that are easily deployable to Android devices with support for BlackBerry and iOS shipping within 60 days.

Despite the fact that the codes written in it cannot be deployable to every mobile platform, it can still be less time-consuming. The good part is that you can develop a private code in Flash Builder that can be installed separately without hindering the other three mobile platforms and the web. Adobe folks have estimated the code re-usability to go up by a good margin all across the mobile platforms, and with it the development time may shrink too.

Integrated debugging sets this program wide apart from the rest. It enables the developer to control, manage and handle debugging for all platforms; the server side PHP, device code, desktop, IDE, and that too, in the most efficient manner by nailing all the bugs in one sitting.

Techliance makes sure that our developers remain updated with the latest technological advancements, trending tools and everything else that falls between the two.

Why to get a WordPress based PHP web solution?

Wide usage of internet and smartphones have brought forth many opportunities for businesses and have made the whole world boundary less. What you need is to have a professional website and then a strong internet marketing plan. PHP is among the leading web programming languages that provide secure and cost effective web solutions. Furthermore the availability of many free and open source content management systems (CMS) has made it even easier to get affordable PHP web solutions.

If you want a not-so-big and not-so-complex web solution for your business, find some PHP development company that works in WordPress PHP CMS to build a good looking professional website for you. Moreover if you are looking for a blog solution, WordPress web solution is the exactly one to look for. Though this PHP CMS can also even be used to build a shopping cart, job board, and sort of complex website but main purpose of developing this CMS was to handle blogs effectively and to develop relatively not so big or not so complex websites.

There are various PHP companies that offer PHP WordPress web development service. Usually they might cost you only $500 to $1000 for establishing a blog. These rates may increase as per your requirements and project complexities. However WordPress development services are not as costly as some of other web solutions are. Other important benefit of having a WordPress web solution is that it takes comparatively less time to develop even bigger projects in WordPress. If you want to have a custom developed PHP solution it might take double time.

Techliance is a professional PHP web development company that offers budget friendly and economical WordPress solutions. Our expert PHP web developers have successfully developed and deployed hundreds of WordPress web solutions. Contact us today to have a business website build in WordPress PHP CMS.



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