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What Zend Development can do for you?

Zend Development - Php Frame Works

Summary The article is written to illustrate the importance of Zend as one of the primary solutions for PHP Development. The article also discusses the three main components of Zend development along with their specific features for its users. The underlying idea is to highlight the importance of Zend in providing a complete solution for web-based application development.

What is Zend Development? ...

Best Practices in PHP Development

php web development

Customers nowadays gauge the credibility of your business with your online presence. This is why majority of businesses now are online and also providing services of similar nature. For this very purpose, many web-based technologies have come in the market. PHP web development has seen a steady rise in its popularity with 60% dominance on the Internet which in simple words means that more than 20 million websites are created in PHP. This is a clear evidence of preference for ...

Benefits of expert developers for troubleshooting your development problems


Many a time it happens that even most senior and expert developers of your company get stuck with some technical, programming related, or development code issues and waste much time on solving these, but still couldn't get satisfactory solution. In other relevant case, it happens that while developing a new module, or editing a previously developed module, some functionality take too much time to be build and when build, has errors that are tough to find. Result is frustration!

There might be lots of solutions for such situations, but one simple, practical and most su ...

Mobile Development with PHP

Mobile apps development

PHP is a tool for building web applications; however, mobile applications can be developed using the same tool but it is a relatively new area of discussion for the PHP developers. PHP development community is keeping a keen eye on Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 launch that is due in May this year. This new version is not an ordinary Flash Builder product rather it is the inaugural baby product of Zend and Adobe partnership, and that too, with the complete backing of Zend.

In the past, Flash Builder was purely an Adobe product but this time the combined efforts of Adobe and Zend Studio have come out with Flash Builder 4.5. It has features that make ...

Why to get a WordPress based PHP web solution?

software development company

Wide usage of internet and smartphones have brought forth many opportunities for businesses and have made the whole world boundary less. What you need is to have a professional website and then a strong internet marketing plan. PHP is among the leading web programming languages that provide secure and cost effective web solutions. Furthermore the availability of many free and open source content management systems (CMS) has made it even easier to get affordable PHP web solutions. If you want a not-so-big and not-so-complex web solution for your business, find some PHP development company that works in Wordpress PHP CMS to build a good looking professional website for you. Moreover if you are looking for a bl ...



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