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Top Web Design Trends for 2014

web design trends

Web design trends change every year and it is important for business owners to keep their website updated with latest trends. However, different trends emerge during the year, most of them are for limited time. It is important for every webmaster to keep their website updated with web design trends to stay ahead of the competition. For 2014, we have observed that Simplicity, Flat Design, Responsive Design, Storytelling and Typography elements will be important. Simplicity

The idea of simplicity is to make the user experience extraordinary. It does not mean that your website have to be plain a ...

Is Outsourcing a Bad Idea?


Outsourcing can be very beneficial for companies to reduce costs, access to expert workforce, and flexibility of workforce. There are obvious advantages of outsourcing and some disadvantages as well for few businesses. Disadvantages of Outsourcing When you outsource a project there is dependency on the outsourcer. You loss control of the ownership of the resource as compared to in-house resource. You have to provide exceptionally detailed specs for the project detailing everything, validation rules whether simple or complex, list of all the technologies and the devices you want your application or website to work. It is a difficult task because if you miss anything and want to add later, outsourcing company will charge you more for extra features. When you outsource services like payroll and tax preparation, outsourcing company has access to all the ...

Latest Trends in Ecommerce for 2014


As 2013 ended with immense growth in ecommerce, digital age is now growing faster as old brands expanding their operations and taking over small markets worldwide. We have seen the trend of mobile commerce on the rise for 2013 and it is expected to remain same for 2014. Big giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple spent billions of dollars in expanding their ecommerce activities. Amazon is now competing with Wal-Mart indirectly by becoming the digital giant.  Similarly, Google is focusing on increasing ecommerce transactions by expanding Google Wallet services. Let us look at some of the rising trends for 2014: Mobile Commerce


On a Quest for the Perfect Web Design

web design orchestrating

Web designers are in a fix to find the formula for a perfect web design. With clients getting more demanding in their requirements, some designers may struggle to deliver the designs. The urgency of delivering top-notch work within the timelines also adds up to the level of stress which is further accelerated because of the unnecessary time in doing revisions for finding a design that actually works with the customer’s image. The only thing to remember is that there is no perfect design but instead there is a notion that a design can have perfect potential for the client. As you go ahead on your quest for a perfect web design, it is essential to know about some of the common trends in designing this year: Minimalism or not? Lately, there is a lot of discussion about whether or not designers should opt for minimalism in their designs. The concept of minimalism hints at re ...

Apple vs. Samsung: Who will be the Market Leader in 2014?

apple vs samsung 2014

Apple and Samsung have been each other’s archenemies for quite a while. The constant battle for market dominance continues as all eyes shift on the year 2014. Everyone’s asking the same question over and over again: who will be the market leader for the coming year? What’s the Global Market Trending?

Apple with its iPhone has been one of the most sustaining market share holders for a decade or so. Samsung has witnessed a steady rise in their popularity; thanks to their Samsung Galaxy and Note series phones.  Only until the end of the third quarter for this year, Android’s market share surpassed 80% glob ...



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