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Top Web Design Trends for 2014

Web design trends change every year and it is important for business owners to keep their website updated with latest trends. However, different trends emerge during the year, most of them are for limited time. It is important for every webmaster to keep their website updated with web design trends to stay ahead of the competition.

For 2014, we have observed that Simplicity, Flat Design, Responsive Design, Storytelling and Typography elements will be important.



The idea of simplicity is to make the user experience extraordinary. It does not mean that your website have to be plain and without images. It means your website should avoid cluttering or excessive information. It does not mean the idea about your business needs to be placed somewhere on the website in shape of text or an element. Similarly, the simple explanation of services is better than cluttering with detailed information about everything.

Remember, your website plays an important role for the customers. You can deliver your message to your customers through your website. Too much cluttered information is hard to digest and customers ignore the details.

The main goal of the website is to convey the message, but not to look pretty. Simple web design have more conversions as compared to image heavy cluttered websites. You can test the efficiency of each design through A/B split testing.

Flat Design


We have seen arise in trend for flat design and Apple set the trend by launching iOS 7 with flat design. Apple is the trend setter when it comes to usability and with the launch of iOS 7 they focused on user experience.

It is expected that flat design elements will dominate web design and mobile design. Flat design elements are more attractive and appealing. Businesses are now using images that are not heavy and are without effects to look more promising. CSS3 allow designers to create flat design elements like buttons, forms, and menus without disturbing the main design.

Responsive Design


Everyone knows about Responsive Web Design and it is not a new concept for 2014. However, it will continue to rise because world is now transforming to everything mobile. Many companies are now realizing the potential of mobile friendly designs. Responsive web design allows a website to adjust according to the screen size of your device.

Remember, responsive web design does not mean to disturb the elements to adjust with different screens. It should display the message more effectively on different devices.

The common mistake in responsive web design elements is that it squishes the content on smaller screens. The perfect design fits to all screen without damaging the user experience of the website.



Storytelling is not a new concept, but it is an emerging trend and many webmasters started using this method. The idea is to display different elements and information about the website as user scroll down the website. As the user scroll down, your website use animations, images and text to engage the visitor by telling the story about your company.

Storytelling is generated from the idea of creating a single page website that provides all the information on same page with engaging user interface. You are likely to get more attention from visitors if you make it fun to scroll down rather than making a visitor to read long paragraphs.



Typography is very important for web design and making the text visible to the audience. It is a perfect combination to adjust the spaces between groups of letters. In 2014, use of typography text elements for visitor retention will be important.

Emphasis on typography cannot be neglected because the content on your website is effective when you chose the right font and the style. Perfectly placed typographical elements allow you to describe your message more effectively.

Creating a Website Following the Trends

You can create a website using these trends Simplicity, Flat Design, Responsive Design, Storytelling and Typography altogether to make an impressive web design.

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Is Outsourcing a Bad Idea?

Outsourcing can be very beneficial for companies to reduce costs, access to expert workforce, and flexibility of workforce. There are obvious advantages of outsourcing and some disadvantages as well for few businesses.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

  • When you outsource a project there is dependency on the outsourcer. You loss control of the ownership of the resource as compared to in-house resource.
  • You have to provide exceptionally detailed specs for the project detailing everything, validation rules whether simple or complex, list of all the technologies and the devices you want your application or website to work. It is a difficult task because if you miss anything and want to add later, outsourcing company will charge you more for extra features.
  • When you outsource services like payroll and tax preparation, outsourcing company has access to all the confidential data about your company.
  • There are sometimes conflicts due to lack of communications like renewal of contract, misunderstanding the contract terms and delayed in services.
  • You are bound to outsourcing company for future updates and if a job goes bad, it is almost impossible to get it fixed by different company.
  • In outsourcing, you are not able to deliver the message properly to the customers. Outsourcer sometimes interpret the message for effectiveness.
  • Sometimes outsourcer assign junior workers to make big profits from the contract. It decrease the quality of output.
  • When you focus too much on costs, reports and terms of the contract, outsourcer lose focus on the project goals and it may lead to failure of overall project.
  • There are often hidden costs that you often assume included in the contract. The cost of overall project is much higher when you consider little aspects of the contract.
  • There are times when outsourcer neglects you because they have received a payment or found a bigger project than yours.

is outsourcing a bad ideaAdvantages of Outsourcing

  • The main advantage of outsourcing is cost reduction because costs such as social security, health care and worker compensation are eliminated. It is the responsibility of the outsourcing company to take care of all the expenses of outsourced resource.
  • In addition, you get the experts of the industry to work for you. The cost of hiring an expert in-house resource is eliminated when you outsource.
  • You don’t have to worry about managing the resource directly. You can spend that time in your business to gain advantage. You will receive all the reports and updates that you can review weekly in your spare time.
  • When you outsource the work to a company, you will likely to get an added advantage because of high competition. Outsourcing company will try to provide the best resources that are experts and efficient. It will save you a lot of money in comparison to hiring a resource in-house.
  • There are different types of options in outsourcing like project based work or hiring a remote worker for your business. In project based work, you only pay for reaching pre-defined mile-stones. Hiring a dedicated resource will help you eliminate the miscellaneous costs like space utilization, utility expenses and compensations that are required by law.
  • Outsourcing Company will do their best to keep you satisfied with the work and performance. They provide priority support and updates to their clients to keep the business.
  • When you outsource, you don’t have to hire for long-term. Outsourcing is a perfect option when you have a project based work or one-time project that needs work for certain time. You can end the contract when your project is completed without any penalties.
  • There is more risk when an in-house employee leaves the job because you need to hire a new resource and follow the procedures from the start. In outsourcing, it is not your headache when a resource leaves the job because the outsourcing company will provide a replacement.
  • You can start new projects easily when you hire the right outsourcing company. It will save you cost and get the projects completed on time.
  • You can re-hire the services when needed because your outsourcing company knows about all the technologies used in your project.

Things to Remember when Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a wise decision for your company to save the costs of hiring a resources in-house. All you need to decide is why you need to outsource? Keeping in mind the objective of outsourcing will help you reach your goals. It is best to have an understandable contract with outsourcing company to avoid conflicts. All the terms and conditions should be pre-defined to make sure that the outsourcing company delivers what was defined in contract.

Research before Hiring

You will hear a lot of bad stories about outsourcing went bad. For making the outsourcing successful you need to do a thorough research on your requirements and the outsourcer capabilities. You can ask for references from previous clients, testimonials and portfolios to determine the quality of outsourcer. Good outsourcing companies provide complete portfolios and client references on your request. In rare cases, you will find mixed opinions about the company. You need to communicate with the company to understand their capabilities for managing outsourced business.

Improve Communication

The main reason for bad outsourcing experience is communication. Remember, the outsourcing company will perform only the predefined tasks every week. You need to follow-up and check the progress in order to have a successful long-term commitment. It will help you and the outsourcer to better understand your business needs.

Understanding the Technology

Understand the terminology and working of technology before you assign it to outsourcer. When you dump all the responsibilities on the outsourcer for some work that you don’t understand, it leads to dissatisfaction because the road-map and objectives are not directly addressed.

Difference in Opinions

Remember, the word outsourcing has different meaning to everyone. If you are living in a community where people lost their jobs because of outsourcing, they will speak and exaggerate how worse it could be. Similarly, if you are living in an area where people are benefited from outsourcing, they will tell you number of positive points about outsourcing.

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Latest Trends in Ecommerce for 2014

As 2013 ended with immense growth in ecommerce, digital age is now growing faster as old brands expanding their operations and taking over small markets worldwide. We have seen the trend of mobile commerce on the rise for 2013 and it is expected to remain same for 2014.

Big giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple spent billions of dollars in expanding their ecommerce activities. Amazon is now competing with Wal-Mart indirectly by becoming the digital giant.  Similarly, Google is focusing on increasing ecommerce transactions by expanding Google Wallet services.

Let us look at some of the rising trends for 2014:

Mobile Commerce

latest ecommerce trends in 2014Mobile commerce grows much faster than anticipated in 2013 and it is going to remain the same in 2014. As smartphones users are growing rapidly, there will be growth in mobile shopping worldwide. People are utilizing mobile devices to search for products. Google has reported that percentage of mobile searches are growing every year.

Many ecommerce stores launched mobile versions and mobile apps to facilitate the users. Google is now focusing more on improving their ads services for mobile devices. Facebook is soon going to launch mobile ads to increase their ad targeting.

The need for mobile optimized websites is ever increasing because most of the internet users are finding information through mobile devices. If you are running behind on Go-Mobile revolution, Techliance can help you create mobile friendly website or application.

Social Commerce

We have seen social game Candy Crush Saga getting famous on Facebook. Demand for social commerce has increased a lot. People prefer to use social channels to do transactions and activities. Websites are now providing options for the users to directly sign-up using their social media profiles. Social media has become one of the main channels for companies to increase their revenue. Facebook alone has more than 850 million users that is more than the population of most countries. Creative minds are taking advantage of this trend by implementing strategies to better utilize social media channels.


Crowdsourced commerce is also increasing and companies inviting customers to be involved in production or launch of new services by voting, funding and feedback. Companies like Shapeways provide products on demand using 3D printers. Personalized products market is expected to grow in 2014.

Same Day Delivery &Localization

Amazon, eBay, JCPenny and many other companies are focusing on providing same day shipping. Now you don’t have to wait long for your orders to arrive. It is expected that the competition for same day delivery will increase in 2014.

People prefer to get products and services from local businesses because it tends to deliver fast. Big companies are focusing on providing the products from local retailers to fulfill the promise of same day delivery.

Simple Payment Processing

We have seen Bitcoin getting immense coverage in 2013 and Google making changes to Google Wallet to compete in payment processing. Customers are preferring online payment channels for transactions like PayPal, Skrill and Google Wallet. The trend for online payment processing is expected to rise and there will be an increase in number of users using online payment processors.

Competition and Discount Shops

There is a fierce competition in online shopping, people have different choices to shop online. In 2014, companies offering discounts and price cuts are expected to lead the competition as users become knowledgeable and have quick access to services that help them buy products with lowest price offering. In 2013, we have seen a huge increase in sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Advertising & Promotions

Bing reported significant growth in PPC ads in Q2 2013 that shows more people are utilizing online channels to promote their products and brands. In another report published by TechCrunch, digital ads remained at 22% of all U.S ad spent and Global Ad spent growth at 3.5%.

It shows that companies will be utilizing digital channels to promote their ads. You can see big giants like Amazon utilizing remarketing strategy to sale the products that you visited recently. Online advertising trends are likely to grow in 2014 because of tough competition.

Content Marketing

We have seen many companies launching blogs with their ecommerce stores. According to Forbes, perfectly executed strategy can deliver more sales. Companies are now making strategies for developing content and launching series of content ideas to increase their traffic. In 2014, companies who are deploying well-managed content strategies are going to stay ahead of the competition. If you don’t have a blog or planning to launch a blog, wait no longer because your competitors are already leveraging content marketing.

How to Stay Ahead in 2014?

If you are running an ecommerce store, then you need to adapt the latest trends for 2014 with Mobile E-Commerce on top of list. If you don’t have a mobile ready website, get in touch today or Get a FREE quote to get started.

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On a Quest for the Perfect Web Design

Web designers are in a fix to find the formula for a perfect web design. With clients getting more demanding in their requirements, some designers may struggle to deliver the designs. The urgency of delivering top-notch work within the timelines also adds up to the level of stress which is further accelerated because of the unnecessary time in doing revisions for finding a design that actually works with the customer’s image. The only thing to remember is that there is no perfect design but instead there is a notion that a design can have perfect potential for the client. As you go ahead on your quest for a perfect web design, it is essential to know about some of the common trends in designing this year:

Minimalism or not?

Lately, there is a lot of discussion about whether or not designers should opt for minimalism in their designs. The concept of minimalism hints at reducing a design to its most essential elements which makes it a difficult task to master by designers.

Admit it or not, we all have been there up in some dark nook or alley where we took the liberty of adding uncalled for graphics, layout or content in the design. Guilty as charged, adding such redundant elements only make the design look cluttered. Because of this reason, it is better to adopt a certain level of minimalism in your web designing approach. 2013 is the year for embracing minimalism as many web designers are only keeping a bare minimum of elements in their designs. The philosophy to remember in your web design is that “less is more”.

Simplicity is the best policy

simple web design iconsSometimes a website can look appealing with little or no color and straight forward typography. Similarly, vintage typography is considered a modern trend in which designers are playing up vintage type with colors from the black and white palettes or a handful of muted colors.  Remembering that simple is beautiful can be a helpful tip as you implement minimalism in your web design.

Many web designers sit baffled and wonder how to apply minimalism in their designs. One common way of this problem is to subtract the elements until the design stops working the way it should. It is only after reaching that point when you will realize that the design has been reduced to a bare essential. Don’t forget to include both usability and technical functionality in breaking down the design. A lot of web designers forget to consider usability in their subtractions which ultimately brings out issues pertaining to the user-friendliness of the design.

Be Bold in Colors

Examining some of the trends in web designing for 2013, you will notice that there is a common usage of super bright and vibrant color palettes. Web designers are not restricting themselves to using only a few selected colors but even extending the selection upward to at least five colors. Apart from keeping the design look vibrant, gradients are also making a comeback as you see gradient colors being extensively used in backgrounds, buttons, icons and a variety of other elements.

One of the minimalistic approaches for your website design is to employ the usage of website cards or tiles. Using a vibrant color with a grey or light background, you can design a simple responsive project that is ideal for arranging and stacking content of varying sizes.

Flat Buttons and Icons

There is an increasing trend of adding ribbons, buttons and icons on the website to catch the attention of the visitors. While designing icons for a website, many designers are nowadays opting for flat icons or buttons. Sometimes, the designers may even want to mix up the flat elements with lesser flat elements to balance the overall site design.

Another contemporary trend to have re-surfaced is the circle which is evident in the kind of buttons that are designed lately as these buttons look more like circles, knobs or dials.

Showcase your Portfolio in Style

To display images in a form of a portfolio, many designers are opting for a slider.  Some even go far out in displaying videos in sliders too. Many of the sliders work on an auto scroll that can be stopped or paused by the user. Thus, a slider is a convenient way for showcasing your work that also allows you to maintain visual dominance.


In conclusion, it can be safely termed that no web design is perfect. It is however, a designer’s own prerogative to carve out a perfect design for a client and make sure that the design lives up to the customer’s brand image and requirements. The modern discipline of minimalism stresses in keeping only elements in the design that fall within the technical and usability considerations. By giving yourself the artistic freedom of employing some of the modern and latest trends in web design 2013, you should be able to design a website that is in semblance to the client’s online image and credibility.

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Apple vs. Samsung: Who will be the Market Leader in 2014?

Apple and Samsung have been each other’s archenemies for quite a while. The constant battle for market dominance continues as all eyes shift on the year 2014. Everyone’s asking the same question over and over again: who will be the market leader for the coming year?

What’s the Global Market Trending?

apple vs samsungApple with its iPhone has been one of the most sustaining market share holders for a decade or so. Samsung has witnessed a steady rise in their popularity; thanks to their Samsung Galaxy and Note series phones.  Only until the end of the third quarter for this year, Android’s market share surpassed 80% globally with the total sales of 211.6 million devices. Apple is also growing its device volume with a 33.8 million increase in this quarter.  But what seems to be a surprising factor is that finally Samsung and Android phones are able to give iPhone/Apple a run for their money.

The clear winner for third quarter has to be definitely Samsung with the staggering market share and shipment volumes backing their victory. Sorry Apple, it seems you would have to try a little better in the next quarter as your market share for this quarter has only been 12.9%.  Despite such huge variance in statistics, still Apple managed to remain second to Samsung.

It’s not all over for Apple

Who would have thought that Apple can take on Samsung on one of their favorite markets – Japan? According to a latest report by Korea Herald, Samsung’s share in the Japanese market continues to decline four quarters in a row. Unbelievable, isn’t it? But then there is more…

Just the last quarter, Apple sold close to 4 million units in Japan while Samsung managed to sell only 1 million units. Apple currently holds the number one spot in the market, followed by Sony on second spot while Samsung resides on the fourth. This means that currently Apple doesn’t have to bother about Samsung tailing them for reclaiming the crown anytime sooner.

The reason Apple has resurfaced as the top contender in the Japanese market is because of the simultaneous launch of iPhone 5S and 5C. The sharp increase in sales for Apple also contributes to the fact that NTT Docomo, the leading domestic mobile provider has now started offering iPhones to its subscriber base for the very first time. No wonder, the market has opened up for Apple as many curious customers who have been waiting for a long time to get their hands on an iPhone are able to easily purchase the set through the largest mobile provider in Japan along with Softbank and KDDI who are also selling iPhone handsets to their customers.

Good news prevails for Apple as it enjoys 34% of the Japanese smart-phone market – the hub of technology and innovation. One of the major reasons behind Samsung’s loss in the market attributes to the aggressive marketing strategies by Apple. Top it all with some of the other contenders such as Sony and Sharp surfacing to claim their market-share which has also lead to a sharp decline in Samsung’s sales volume for past four quarters.

What’s the new attraction?

Samsung released Note 3 and Galaxy S4 this year while Apple released iPhone5S and 5C. Clearly, there are market pockets which illustrate the dominance of each company over another. In some parts Samsung takes the lead while at other regions Apple dominates. However, what’s interesting to see is the new attraction or the additions in the existing line of smart-phones that are going to be released by Samsung and Apple in the coming year.

Insiders tell about the new iPhone 6 concept design that is going to turn the left side of the handset into a tiny display to give users an instant access to certain settings or apps such as volume controls, flashlight, alarm, calculator, camera and music player controls.  iPhone6 will be based on the iPhone5s model. Again, all these are speculations as Apple has not confirmed anything about the upcoming phone model and one can only wait to see what the future holds for iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be released next year in the first quarter (somewhere around March/April).  Insiders report that the handset will be slower than the iPhone 5S despite of the fact that a 64-bit processer is going to be available in the handset. It is also heard that Samsung is trying to reduce the overall cost of each handset by moving away from the usual AMOLED panel to a cheaper LCD offering. However, Samsung Galaxy S5 is still expected to the first smart-phone to adopt a 2k resolution.

What’s interesting to see is the response that S5 will receive at its release. For more news on this topic, stay tuned to our blog.


It seems that fortune has slightly favored Apple over Samsung. As already discussed, globally Samsung has regained valuable market share but yet Apple continues its dominance by capturing some new potential markets such as Japan. However, what is interesting to see is the future of the upcoming Samsung handset releases. That should be the turning point for the company either for the better or the worst. With iPhone6 yet to be planned and launched, it will give Samsung quite some time to build their momentum in the market with the launch of S5 in the first quarter in 2014. For now, the competition between the two giants is keeping everyone on their toes and presents a whole new set of opportunities for mobile development companies and entrepreneurs.

If you are looking to outsource your iPhone or Android mobile app development, then now is probably a good time to consider Techliance – a pioneer in creating state-of-the-art mobile apps for both iPhone and Android platforms.  Our team of developers and designers are available round-the-clock to help you in enhancing your idea and coming up with the best possible solution for your app.

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