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5 Principles of Effective .net application development

ASP.Net application development

If you have decided to choose a software development company for your next .Net application development project, you must determine your needs first. The www is replete with companies offering .net and other kind of custom software web development. But let’s face it! Only a few can really offer you the quality and dexterity that you have been dreaming about your project. You need to choose a company that provides you with full technical assistance and warranty for software development. You can definitely save a good deal of time and money by outsourcing your .net development projects.  But you can do so if you know what can work and how you can make the most out of your development. ...

PHP vs. ASP – Some Noteworthy Differences

PHP web software development

Pre Hypertext Processor (PHP) and Active Server Pages (ASP) are two well known sources to develop different kinds of web applications. A considerable number of programming languages experts think that PHP and ASP can be interchangeably used. They also believe that both these means for developing web applications are capable of developing web applications with the same kind of functionality. Despite these similarities, some noteworthy differences exist between these two. Whether you are going to hire a php website development and design company or want to outsource your project for .net application development, you need to keep certain aspects in mind before hiring a website ...


ASP .NET Applications development

It was in 1996 when Microsoft first unveiled its classic Active Server Pages known as classic ASP. This construe script contained unstructured code that wasn’t easy to write. Debugging and maintenance were also quite difficult tasks to perform. A classic ASP app used to become more complex when some applications had an enhanced size. It occurred because of distasteful mixing of code, formatting and content. The maintenance and development costs were very high because of spaghetti code.

Now things have changed quite dramatically after the revelation of ASP.NET. This new web developmen ...

Expected Gold Rush in Mobile Business Apps Development

Mobile Business Apps Development

Considering the current sensation for smart phones and tablet PCs, a large number of software developers are expecting a gold rush for business applications development. A recent study from IBM indicates that tech pros from all corners of the world are expecting a huge increase in business application development for devices like Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Google Android phones and BlackBerry devices such as PlayBook and its other smart phones. According to the survey, which included 2000 p ...

Nupack: Microsoft Offers Early Version of Open Source Package Manager for .Net

Nupack: Open Source Package Manager for .Net

Microsoft has just released an open source package manager [Nupack] for the .Net program. Microsoft corporate VP for developer division Scott Guthrie says in a blog post that with the release of this new open source package manager; search, installation and use of .Net libraries in some project would become a lot easier. .Net project types that include MVC and Webforms of ASP.Net have been used in the development of the Nupack.




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