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Pros and Cons of Developing an App in HTML5 and Native Platform

There is a huge demand for mobile application development services. Use of internet on smartphones is ever increasing. When it comes to developing a mobile app, there are two options. – HTML5 or Native Platform. Which platform is best suited for your app idea is a big question and debated heavily across development community.

When our client’s approach Techliance for their mobile app development projects, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We help them understand which platform would be – best suited for their application and why.

In this article, you will find out some general advantages and disadvantaged of building an app in HTML5 or native platform.

Pros of HTML5

  • Budget Friendly: If you are restrained by the budget, then HTML5 is the best option. HTML5 is an affordable option to build a cross platform app (An app that works on multiple operating systems).
  • Quick Turnaround:  Generally it’s quicker to develop an app in HTML5 as it uses standard HTML and CSS technology which most of the developers are well familiar with. Also, use of pre-built components speed up development process.
  • Maintainability:  Due to single code base, HTML5 apps are more manageable. It’s easier to add a new feature or to modify an existing feature as you have to change it once and deploy it once. The changes are instant and cross platform.  You do have to work out some design related issues but HTML5 has device detection capabilities and it responds gracefully to changes in screen size and display density.

Cons of HTML5

  • Your application will be inaccessible to users without a browser and network coverage.  Though most of the users do have data plans but that still is an important factor to be considered when making a decision between HTML5 and Native app development. People cannot access the application if they are network dependent.
  •  HTML5 has its compatibility issues with different browsers.  The gap is bridging as more and more browsers are adopting HTML5 as a standard. However, there are certain features which are not cross browser compatible and the user experience suffers when those features are not supported by the browser on device.
  • Native code is faster than HTML5 and it is highly debated.  Facebook has dropped HTML5 in favor of native app development due to performance reasons. So if your app performance is important to you then native is the right way to go.

Pros of Native App

  • Control: Native app is a perfect option for those who want complete control of their application. From device hardware control to gestures to performance optimization, every aspect of the app is in developer’s complete control provided the SDK support the required functionality.
  • Accessibility: The app is always a tap away. You are not dependent on data coverage (provided the app is not connecting to internet for services) and there are no browser compatibility issues.
  • Personalized: The developer can make use of device storage/local DB to offer personalized user experience which is an important differentiator between average and good apps.
  • Faster: Native code is faster and reliable.  Native SDK’s offer app profiling and performance optimization options that makes all the difference in user experience. Games, Interactive and CPU intensive apps are a great fit for native app development. Maturity: Native platforms have matured over the years and offer rich set of development libraries that helps in building the most demanding and feature rich applications. While HTML5 is catching up, the gap is large enough that for the foreseeable timeframe Native platforms will continue to beat HTML5 in complex app scenarios.

Cons of Native App

  • Expensive: The biggest disadvantage is the cost of development which is significantly higher.  You have to build an app for each platform you want to support that becomes an expensive proposition.
  • Resource Availability: You need to find developers for Android and iOS separately because an Android developer may not be expert in iOS and iOS developer may not be expert in building Android apps. It will increase the cost of developing an application with cross platform functionality. Android and iOS developers are generally more expensive and difficult to find in comparison to HTML5 developers. Finding good developers requires some understanding of development platforms and available tools and technologies that the developers must be skilled in. Having them work efficient is yet another challenge that people often complain about.
  • Multiple code-bases: It is difficult to maintain a native app because it requires several code-bases, maintenance and deployment (one per platform).

So, which one is best for my App?

Techliance can help you decide which platform is the best for building your next mobile application. Techliance has expert Android, iOS and Windows Phone app developers on staff. Contact today to get started or Get a FREE Quote!

How Much Does an iPhone Application Development Cost?

Mobile application development is a billion dollar industry. With a number of famous mobile brands in the market, mobile app development companies and entrepreneurs are working hard to develop applications that work with the right audience. Facts speak for themselves. Apple remains as the top contender followed closely behind by Samsung.  Consequently, iPhone app development takes precedence as many companies understand Apple’s market dominance and the huge number of users for iPhone, iPod etc.

How much does it cost to develop an iPhone application? It depends on several considerations that we elaborate in our blog:

So, what are we building?

cost_effective1A common mistake made by many entrepreneurs is to jump into estimating a general cost of their app before even deciding on what they are building. IPhone apps are segregated into 4 types which makes it easier to figure out the cost of each type in singularity:

Table Based/ Basic Apps:

These are the relatively simple and easier to design apps with a budget anywhere in between $1000-$3000; provided you have all the content, logo and graphics available to include in the app. It doesn’t sound pricey at all, does it? However, this estimate is for an app that is minimal in design and features. By enhancing the feature-list, the cost will go up.

Database Apps:

Also known as native apps, these are very advanced and complex in design which makes the cost to fall anything in the range of $8,000 – $20,000 and the cost may go higher depending on the functionality offered in the app. As the entire functioning of the app is data driven, database apps require a lot of work from the developers who have to work on the nitty-gritty of the app. This would start off by understanding the business logic, creating a flow within the app to make it usable and using the content for the development of the app. Sounds complicated? It sure does. That is why only the best possible mobile app developers are associated in development of database apps.

Multi-features/Enterprise Apps:

Considered as the core of your business, these apps allow users to access their information through any device or web browser.  Such apps are enriched with several key features along with an extensive and classy interface design.  Multi-featured apps can cost from $50,000 onwards.


Considered as the most challenging option for iPhone app development, games cost anything in between $25,000 – $250,000.  However, with costs so high; the returns are also higher. Imagine that the game you develop turns out to be a real success story.  Consider the owners of Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, or Temple Run – enjoying a huge streak of success. But, all these games have something in common; catchy graphics, interesting games to sustain the user’s attention as well as a continuous stream of features to enhance the overall user interest. Because of a higher ROI, games are the most popular choice of iPhone app development for many entrepreneurs and companies.

Luckily for you, Techliance has the necessary resources and know-how needed to design and develop iPhone applications from any three categories.

Finding the right expertise

Here comes the tricky part. There are many so-called developers and companies who have the skills to develop your iPhone application but are they really worth it? Apart from finding a developer, you also have to consider someone for analysis, testing, quality control etc. All these aspects are also core fundamentals in iPhone app development. Someone on the Internet summed up this predicament very aptly:

For your iPhone app development, you can either:

  1. Get a newbie programmer to do it.
  2. Get some random programmer to do it.
  3. Take it to a reputable company.

Any of these options can get you a fix for your problem, but each of these solutions has its own down-side. Despite of the fact that option A & B have the obvious benefit of cost-effectiveness, do you really think you can get an ordinary next-door geek to program and develop a flawless application? You might get a solution that is seemingly correct but who knows how effective the algorithm or for that matter the coding practices are?

Similarly, option C is calling out for you “show me the money”; meaning you need to make a substantial financial investment to develop an app from a reputable company in the market.

A beginner designer would cost somewhere in between $5000 – $15,000 while a developer would cost you $10,000 – $25,000. Established freelance developers or companies can charge anywhere in between the range of $20,000 – $100,000.

Apart from this, also consider the testing charges for ensuring that your app works correctly in accordance to the agreed design. Depending on your application, expect to spend $8,000-$30,000 during the testing phase.

What should be your hiring criteria?

There is no hard and fast rule in hiring resources for iPhone app development. There are some relatively new programmers in the market who can really get the job well done and sometimes even the best of companies fail to deliver the customer requirements. However, it is human psyche to go for someone experienced in their expertise.  You can compile a check-list with questions to ask for filtering the top candidates for the job:

  1. Have they already developed iPhone apps before? If so, can they prove it?
  2. Do you find their portfolio trustworthy?
  3. Can they provide a track record for quality and on-time delivery?
  4. Do they have a degree or background in Computer Science?

Often, such questions help in narrowing down who should be approached for your iPhone app development. Eventually, you are able to find someone competent for your project.  It is in common knowledge that the time and cost spent on “correcting” a code is far more than getting the code right in the first place.

This is the difference between ordinary programmers and the experts who know their job. By hiring the services of a reputable company, although you may be paying a lot but you are likely to get your promise fulfilled by development of an impeccable and flawless solution.  This is where Techliance provides its customers quality mobile application development services with a track record to prove their stance in the industry.

Can off-shoring reduce the overall project costs?

To a considerable extent, yes off-shoring is a viable and cost-effective option that many entrepreneurs opt for. However, long-distance communication can be a damper and eventually prove to be a huge gap between expectations and deliverance of requirements. This makes it all the more reason to have an effective communication channel. For starters, document everything! From design to requirements to analysis – everything that is essential for development.

Many of the off-shore based mobile app development companies have the tools and resources to manage from small-scaled to large-scaled iPhone app projects. Finding the right company with the right expertise in your project is the main game. A lot of entrepreneurs also want to consider the cost of outsourcing their development – any project would usually cost somewhere in between $10,000 – $40,000.

With Techliance, consider your search to be over as we have the top-notch team of developers, testers, designers and marketing experts to give you a product that meets your expectations within the promised deadlines and agreed budget.

Are there any additional costs to bear in mind?

Yes, iPhone app development also incurs additional costs that you should be ready for. Development of your app is only the beginning; afterwards you need to pay an annual registration fee of $99 to Apple. You will be eligible to 70% of your app sales revenue.

If the app relies on a web server to store your user’s data then you need to pay anywhere between $20-$80/month depending on server configuration. Remember, this will be a recurring charge for server support and maintenance.

Before you market your app, you need to consider upfront research and legal issues so that you can ensure that you app’s name does not violate another’s trademark. App marketing is also an essential element that should be considered part of iPhone app development. Consider $2500 for app marketing that will be beneficial in creating the necessary buzz for your app.

Social media integration is also another important aspect to include which usually costs somewhere in between $500 – $1500.


IPhone application development is a multi-process experiment. When someone talks about developing an iPhone app, they are collectively implying about the various stages involved in it. These include analysis, documentation, design, as well as programming/coding, testing, marketing and continuous support for the app. Therefore, it can be safely said that developing an iPhone app is a manifold process that involves precarious planning at each step of the way.

Developing an iPhone app can be pricey but with right resources and thorough planning, you can develop a sound application that delivers the exact customer requirements and enable you to become a successful entrepreneur in the market.

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Exploring the Various Iphone Application Development Types


While many entrepreneurs attempt to develop a successful iphone application, it is also important to outline the various types of iphone applications available in the market today. This is what the article aims to achieve by listing down the various app types and also citing examples for each type.

Various Iphone Application Development Types

With the ever growing popularity of iphone, many entrepreneurs and companies are continuously trying their luck in the field of iphone application development.  There are plenty of categories to choose from in developing your app including food, lifestyle, sports, etc. After you select a category, you also have to decide about the type of application you want to develop. It is always better to remain intuitive and read the market pulse. However, a few pointers for selecting the app type include:

Iphone Application Development Types

Iphone Application Development Types

  • Table based apps:

    Just as the name speaks for itself, these applications have a simple design for displaying basic information. The email app in your iphone is an example of a table based application in which you have an opening screen with big topics and clicking any of these topics presents a whole new set of lists to click on. Many iphone application development companies have found success in developing such simple applications.

  • Database driven custom apps:

    These applications are more suited for a requirement when you want to utilize a large amount of content in your app. For example, you have content describing various international cuisines that you want to organize and display differently. In such a situation, a simple table-based design would simply not work. The development becomes a lot more demanding where you ultimately have to decide if you want the data built into the application or be dynamically fetched through a web-service. All this is done through the database driven custom functionality.

  • Games:

    This is probably the most popular iphone application development type. However, games are also associated with the largest range of complexity. Since, users are given countless options in making their moves in a game; there is a high level of difficulty involved in iphone games development. Apart from this, the game needs to keep a track of points scored and ultimately incorporate the user experience through the physical movement of the device. Eventually, you may also need the device to be hooked into a game center. All these requirements only present a maze full of intricacies; demanding careful and well-thought out decisions during the design and development phases of the application.

  • Enhancing or Modifying the Device firmware / hardware:

    This implies that you take a certain function of phone such as its alarm, camera or flash and then further enhance it. This type of iphone applications are considered as add-ons; usually facilitating the users in performing phone functions. For example, the Camera+ app adds filters to any pictures you take on your phone.

  • Fully dynamic apps:

    Such applications are similar to the database driven apps. However, these applications completely rely on external information. Some example of fully dynamic apps include: Twitter, Weather Channel, Flickr etc.

  • Custom utilities:

    These apps are all about allowing the user to input content in a specific way. Examples are Pages, Adobe Ideas etc.

The list above covers around 95% of what is available in stores today for iphone. While considering iphone application development, you should consider the content you have. You must also decide on the level of control you want over the entire iphone application development process. With proper analysis and designing of the application, you are likely to create an app that is done quickly and cost-effectively. For a better evaluation of the iphone application you want to develop, you can also consult a mobile application development company. These companies provide consultancy and development services to match your business requirements.

Protect Yourself from Dubious Companies Offering Iphone Development Services in US

When it comes to iPhone application services in US, there are so many iPhone development service providers around that figuring out the right Company – offering genuine services – becomes a daunting task. To stay safe from dubious iPhone development service providers, it is best to equip yourself with a couple of tips given in this article.

By and large, fake service providers are far cleverer than one can give them credit for. Whether you hire a freelance iPhone developer or a team from iPhone app development firm, make sure to make a thorough background check into the service provider. Also cross reference your resource’s credibility before trusting your instincts while hiring. A reliable firm like Techliance is sure to have a list of clients that you can get in touch with and ask for references.

Once you speak to the clients of your service provider, ask them what quality of service they get. Does the service provider deliver its promises or are there inadequacies in their services? These crucial questions will get you details to single out the right iPhone app development company in US. Today, the World Wide Web is a viable source of business for many. And this is one of many reasons for a large number of scamming companies to use this very tool as a source of making quick money at the expense of others.

To stay safe from such a scam, ask the iPhone application development company for a portfolio of web applications. A trusted company should be able to supply a sound portfolio of their work. Also check out the return on investment. An application without ROI is simply a waste of good money. A good Company should design and plan the application in a manner that it draws a decent amount of traffic and return. Reputed firms, offering iPhone development services in US, not only develop an application but also take care of post-launch maintenance. Ask your service provider about maintenance as well.

Another way of singling out a genuine iPhone application development company is to gauge the amount of interest the designer and developer are showing in your project. A dedicated resource should be very clear about your project, goals and requirements. He/she also should be constantly updating you regarding design, development, and progress to make sure that you get a satisfactory application.

There’s yet another best way to identify the right Company for your project i.e. go by word of mouth advertising. A company recommended by your business associates or pals is likely to satisfy you. Hope, the aforementioned tips enable you to find the genuine Company for iPhone development services in US from the fake ones.

Specialists of the Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Techliance has wide-ranging capability in Mobile Application Development platform including the following:

1. iPhone Application Development,
2. Windows Mobile Application,
3. Mobile enabled website development,
4. J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Google Android, NFC Phone,
5. iPhone Mobile Website Development,
6. iPhone Mobile Application Development

The trends of the mobile world are changing at a rapid speed; in keeping with these fast evolving trends the science of mobile application development is just as speedily evolving. To keep up with all this fast paced progress Techliance has strapped up mobile technologies for assorted platforms like the listed below

1. Symbian OS
2. J2ME
3. iPhone
4. Win CE
5. Palm OS
7. GSM Phones
8. Tablet PCs

Techliance has a team of Mobile Application Development that are not experts of their field but specialists that produce economical solutions. Accredited to this mobile applications team are many customized and made to order miracles. Not only this but comprehensive, end-to-end mobile/ wireless solutions are provided to clients; solutions that put together business transactions all the way through mobile devices and content delivery systems to make public a collection of information precious equally for both suppliers and buyers.

Work done at our offices includes the whole mobile application development sequence from preliminary blueprint and architecture to development and assimilation into presented systems. We don’t leave you hanging dry at any one stage, lost and confused at what to do next and where to go next. No! We take our clients to the realization of their application idea. Hence it is no surprise that our services of mobile application development are being used by a highly diverse and wide variety of consumers ranging from corporate users to mass consumers. We have an exceedingly practiced team that can cater to all sorts of different demands that are put to them. Each member of our team in their own place likes to look at and discover the unlimited possibilities of a mobile device through its comprehensive set of development tools.



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