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Pros and Cons of Developing an App in HTML5 and Native Platform

native app or html5 which one is better

There is a huge demand for mobile application development services. Use of internet on smartphones is ever increasing. When it comes to developing a mobile app, there are two options. - HTML5 or Native Platform. Which platform is best suited for your app idea is a big question and debated heavily across development community. When our client’s approach Techliance for their mobile app development projects, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We help them understand which platform would be - best suited for their application and why. In this article, you will find out some general advantages and disadvantaged of building an app in HTML5 or native platform. Pros of HTML5 Budget Friendly ...

How Much Does an iPhone Application Development Cost?


Mobile application development is a billion dollar industry. With a number of famous mobile brands in the market, mobile app development companies and entrepreneurs are working hard to develop applications that work with the right audience. Facts speak for themselves. Apple remains as the top contender followed closely behind by Samsung.  Consequently, iPhone app development takes precedence as many companies understand Apple’s market dominance and the huge number of users for iPhone, iPod etc. How much does it cost to develop an iPhone application? It depends on several considerations that we elaborate in our blog: So, what are we building?


Exploring the Various Iphone Application Development Types

Iphone Application Development Types

Summary While many entrepreneurs attempt to develop a successful iphone application, it is also important to outline the various types of iphone applications available in the market today. This is what the article aims to achieve by listing down the various app types and also citing examples for each type. Various Iphone Application Development Types With the ever growing popularity of iphone, many entrepreneurs and companies are continuously trying their luck in the field of iphone application development.  There are plenty of categories to choose from in developing your app including food, lifestyle, sports, etc. After you select a category, you also have to decide about the type of application you want to develop. It is always bet ...

Protect Yourself from Dubious Companies Offering Iphone Development Services in US


When it comes to iPhone application services in US, there are so many iPhone development service providers around that figuring out the right Company - offering genuine services - becomes a daunting task. To stay safe from dubious iPhone development service providers, it is best to equip yourself with a couple of tips given in this article.

By and large, fake service providers are far cleverer than one can give them credit for. Whether you hire a freelance iPhone devel ...

Specialists of the Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Techliance has wide-ranging capability in Mobile Application Development platform including the following: 1. iPhone Application Development, 2. Windows Mobile Application, 3. Mobile enabled website development, 4. J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Google Android, NFC Phone, 5. iPhone Mobile Website Development, 6. iPhone Mobile Application Development The trends of the mobile world are changing at a rapid speed; in keeping with these fast evolving trends the science of mobile application development is just as speedily evol ...



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