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What Zend Development can do for you?


The article is written to illustrate the importance of Zend as one of the primary solutions for PHP Development. The article also discusses the three main components of Zend development along with their specific features for its users. The underlying idea is to highlight the importance of Zend in providing a complete solution for web-based application development.

Zend Development - Php Frame Works
What is Zend Development?

Zend, as one of the leading PHP solutions providers, is now able to provide its Zend Development Solution to those who are software developers looking for a reliable, high performance environment for developing new products.

What can they do for you?

Zend is already supplying its solutions to over 40,000 companies around the world, with many leading brands taking advantage of Zend’s all encompassing products.

 The Development Solution provides three core components to its users.They are:

Zend Development ( Php Frame Works)

Zend Development Studio

    • Zend Studio:

      this allows the professional grade PHP-IDE (integrated development environment) to help the developer create and maintain code more efficiently. It further allows team collaboration as well as a problem solving mechanism.Further an application can be geared towards Cloud. Zend Studio will allow the developer to run applications in a consistent PHP environment via In addition, an integrated AWS Toolkit will allow the developer to access Amazon Web Services.Zend Studio has evolved from Eclipse, one of the leading open source projects’ benefitting the developer with a reliable and standardized environment as well as over 1,000 Eclipse plug-ins.There is also a test-lab/production environment, which allows the developer to detect and debug any problems before the application is released.


    • Zend Server:

      this is a fully functioning enterprise-ready web application server; allowing the developer to run and manage PHP applications Zend Server provides a pre-integrated and tested solution designed to assist in removing usual issues faced with PHP infrastructure. The native installer (RPM/DEB and MSI) includes a certified PHP distribution as well as Zend Framework. Connectivity to all common databases, Java, a scalable and PHP-integrated download server, Apache Web server, and MySQL database is also included as part of this component of the Zend Development Solution. Applications’ performances are further boosted by code acceleration; full page caching and data caching.Consequently, a developer will be able to optimize the performance of any application. More importantly, for the developer, this product allows the speedy diagnosis of any problem with the application prior to launch. Zend Server’s Code Tracing produces, much like an aircraft’s black box, a real time record of all activity, allowing for later analysis or diagnosis of any issues arising.


    • Zend Support:

      this component of the Zend Development Solution provides the well-established and proven technical support of Zend. This enables the developer to feel comfortable in relying at the IT help for assistance. At all times the developer will have the reassurance that any issues that arises, either at Enterprise or Standard level, will be dealt with as quickly and as effectively as possible. Such assurance covers the installation, usage, problem diagnosis, configuration, product defects and, if necessary, any upgrades.Further guidance is provided by Zend ‘How To’ service, answering many of the basic questions that a developer may have.Standard maintenance updates, as well as PHP security and critical bug hot fixes are also provided.

Serving Joomla Development fresh and crisp

joomla development Services techliance

Joomla is for the most part accepted as an award-winning Content Management System. It facilitates in building websites and dominant online applications. Many features and characteristics including its ease-of-use and extensibility have completed Joomla as mainly well-liked. What really appeals to the masses about Joomla development is the low cost since this is one open source solution that is without restraint accessible to one and all.

Techliance has been expansively using Joomla to command and control the variety of tiny, average, standard and hefty web applications of our clients since very long now. We have a lineup of professional programmers that are specifically committed and devoted to their work of Joomla development for our clients all over the globe. We can handle any kind and any sort of project in Joomla from fundamental assimilation to conventional component development to customized work based on client requirement.

Joomla Development is especially perfect for companies who feel like to getting familiar with the power of CMS for ease of use and manageability of their sites with built in components. Techliance offers its clients just the thing that is just the right fit for those who want to administer and bring up to date the content within their websites with absolute track and power with bare minimum or insignificant technical proficiency or familiarity with management of such sort of thing.
The system includes features such as

1. page caching to improve performance,
2. RSS feeds,
3. printable versions of pages,
4. news flashes,
5. blogs,
6. polls,
7. Web site searching, and
8. internationalization

Techliance Joomla development specializes in providing Joomla based Open Source solutions. We craft custom web designs and templates that are table-less, entirely compliant, easily reached and Search Engine Optimized. Our developers/ programmers are skilled in content integration, hosting services, installation and configuration, custom components, plug-ins and maintenance. The services we provide our clients regarding Joomla development services include the following:

1. Custom Design Templates
2. Custom Modules Development
3. Custom Components Development
4. Design Integration
5. Module Installation
6. Custom Modification and Customization
7. Maintenance of Joomla Portals

Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1

Those lighthouse customers that tested Windows 7 initial upgrade and Windows Server 2008 R2 should install a security update, which is designed to fix the vulnerabilities in the ASP.NET that other Windows users also had to face during the last month.

This security update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 is available for Windows 7 SPI Beta and Windows Server 2008 R2 SPI Beta as well as. .NET Framework4 fixes can also be downloaded from Microsoft Download centre.

During the last month, MS10-070 [Security Bulletin] was released by Microsoft that plugged the security issues in ASP.NET. The security issues concerning ASP. NET was publicly known. It also affected almost all the versions of .NET software which was developed after 3.5 SP1.

Microsoft is known to fix vital vulnerabilities in the software that are still in progress. But now it seems that the software giant has adopted a different strategy to tackle this new situation.  The company had to offer Window 7 SP1 update while it was still in Beta.

According to Microsoft, “The vulnerability could allow information disclosure. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could read data, such as the view state, which was encrypted by the server.”

“This vulnerability can also be used for data tampering, which, if successfully exploited, could be used to decrypt and tamper with the data encrypted by the server. Microsoft .NET Framework versions prior to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 are not affected by the file content disclosure portion of this vulnerability.”

The Silicon Valley based company says that ASP .NET vulnerability occurred because of the improper handling of the errors that appeared in the verification of encryption padding.

This vulnerability in .NET Framework 3.5 SPI will give the hackers the opportunity to get hold of any content found in ASP .NET application.  Web.config file is also included in them.

Less AS3 frameworks, more native implementations, please!

The TLF framework is a good example of the current status quo regarding native implementations vs. AS3 frameworks at Adobe. Adobe is implementing core functionality (layout of text) through ActionScript Framework and not as a native implementation in the Flash Player. Sure, you have the low-level text engine classes and API that lets you actually use of low-level layout and rendering, but Flash has for a long time implemented high-level API’s.

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of using Frameworks vs. native implementations:


  1. Updatability. You don’t rely on Flash Player updates to deliver new functionality or bug fixes.
  2. The Flash Player download size does not increase


1. Speed. If you remember my recent post on our AS3-2-Java compiler, the same code ran 800 times faster in Java than it did in the Flash Player using AS3. So expect things to run three times slower.

2. Bloat. The framework takes a chunk of bandwidth for every piece of SWF that uses the framework, as it’s embedded in each and every SWF that uses is (yes, there’s of course the framework cache, but still, cache misses are currently more frequent than hits)

In this example the bad clearly outweighs the good. Now fast forward to the days of Flex. The CPU screams for help when you pile hundreds of components on your screen. If you inspect your List-based components you tend to get dizzy with the number of UIComponents flying around. Not only is there one for each base component, but with Flex 4 you’re essentially doubling the number of UIComponents on screen as all of your skin files are based on UIComponent.

It would seem logical for me to just implement the UIComponent natively as it does so much of the apps work (measure, layout, validation, focus & input management and whatnot). At least it would be an interesting experiment on how much every Flex app would gain from a native implementation of the UIComponent (oh, and while you’re at it, put in a native implementation for Group and Graphic Element as well).

The last speed increase of any magnitude was revealed by the Player team at Max2006 in 2006. We need an encore! Only this time, please make two orders of magnitude.

CodeIgniter From Scratch: Day 1

After numerous requests, today we are launching a new screencast series on Nettuts+ that will focus exclusively on the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Over the course of about 10 videos, I’ll teach you exactly how to use this framework. Ultimately, we’ll work our way up to building a custom CMS. Without further ado, here’s day one!

Day 1



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