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Joomla Development Services Company

PHP is among the leading web programming languages of today. Due to its affordable development rates, low price hosting, wide server support, and robustness, startups and big companies as well, prefer to go for PHP web solutions. Not only this, availability of scores of free and paid content management systems (CMS) have made it even more attractive. Joomla is one of the top notch PHP CMS of the hour. If you want to have a good looking, secure and dynamic website – go for hiring Joomla web Development Company. As Joomla Development Company provides you with an easy-to-update-able solutio ...

Nupack: Microsoft Offers Early Version of Open Source Package Manager for .Net

Nupack: Open Source Package Manager for .Net

Microsoft has just released an open source package manager [Nupack] for the .Net program. Microsoft corporate VP for developer division Scott Guthrie says in a blog post that with the release of this new open source package manager; search, installation and use of .Net libraries in some project would become a lot easier. .Net project types that include MVC and Webforms of ASP.Net have been used in the development of the Nupack.




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