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Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for CEOs

android apps for ceo

The world of smartphones growing faster than ever. Every business owner use smartphones to stay updated about their business on the go. The basic use of smartphones for any business owner is to have a regular access to office documents and applications where they can utilize every minute of time. Here are some of the top Android Apps that every CEO must consider. Cab4me

Are you running late for a meeting in another city? Cab4me helps you find a taxi fast without getting late for your meeting. Use the quick mode to select the ca ...

How Much Does Android App Development Cost: An Estimated Overview

android app development cost

Android technology has taken the world over by storm. Needless to say, Android phones have a distinct market share that assures their sustained popularity across the globe. Consequently, mobile app development companies and entrepreneurs are also actively indulging in developing Android based apps to accommodate the rising number of Android users. If you want to know how much iOS App development Cost? Read our previous article. How hard can it be? Consider Android’s app development a vast pool of limitless possibilities. Android apps cater to an extremely fragmented market. With over 4000 different Android devices available and each device having varied screen resolutions; how do you decide on a pro ...

Todays Top Three Android Smart Phones


Android is currently the top performer in the smart phone market, conquering a commanding 70% of all devices used worldwide. Despite its fragmented system, developers are still busy churning apps regularly, unfazed by any difficulties that come their way. In fact, they seem to be enjoying the challenges because of opportunities for creativity. We love making apps too! For more about our Android application development services, please click here. Anyway, surveying the online world about people's opinions about what they thought are the best Android smart phones that are currently out in the market, we've found three ...

Android Still at Number Two as the Mobile OS of Choice for Mobile Developers as of Q1 2013


Android remains behind iOS in terms of popularity among mobile developers as of the first quarter of this year according to a survey conducted by research firm Forrester. A total of 35% of the respondents say that they prioritize developing for iOS devices, while 27% say that they prioritize developing for Android devices. This is a significant improvement, however, if it is to be compared with the numbers released by Flurry Analytics for the same quarter of 2012, where iOS garnered a 69% priority rating from developers, while Android only got 31%. Aside from revealing that a higher number of apps were created for iOS devices in those given periods, the figures also imply that more apps were launched on iOS first before they were released on Android. It seems that the biggest difficulty for many Android developers is what is called the “matrix of pain” ( ...

The Latest Scoop on Nexus 4 Android Phone


Hello and welcome to yet another blog post on our portal. We always try to bring you the latest development in the world of mobile apps and technology. This time around, we are featuring Nexus 4 in our blog as we outline some of the features behind its outstanding success as well as the latest scoop on Nexus 4 Android phone. The Marketing Formula for Nexus 4 Android Phone Nexus 4 Android Phone is the latest offering from Google. Marketed with the tagline “ Speed and power to spare”, the phone consists of cutting edge hardware including a Photo Sphere camera and a whole lot of cool features to ensure that all your favorite entertainment resides in the palm of your hand. Android phones are continuously giving iPhone and Windows Mobile phones a run for their money. This is the reason, several mobile apps development companies and entrepreneurs have paid heed to the market needs and are co ...



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