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Specialists of the Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Techliance has wide-ranging capability in Mobile Application Development platform including the following:

1. iPhone Application Development,
2. Windows Mobile Application,
3. Mobile enabled website development,
4. J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Google Android, NFC Phone,
5. iPhone Mobile Website Development,
6. iPhone Mobile Application Development

The trends of the mobile world are changing at a rapid speed; in keeping with these fast evolving trends the science of mobile application development is just as speedily evolving. To keep up with all this fast paced progress Techliance has strapped up mobile technologies for assorted platforms like the listed below

1. Symbian OS
2. J2ME
3. iPhone
4. Win CE
5. Palm OS
7. GSM Phones
8. Tablet PCs

Techliance has a team of Mobile Application Development that are not experts of their field but specialists that produce economical solutions. Accredited to this mobile applications team are many customized and made to order miracles. Not only this but comprehensive, end-to-end mobile/ wireless solutions are provided to clients; solutions that put together business transactions all the way through mobile devices and content delivery systems to make public a collection of information precious equally for both suppliers and buyers.

Work done at our offices includes the whole mobile application development sequence from preliminary blueprint and architecture to development and assimilation into presented systems. We don’t leave you hanging dry at any one stage, lost and confused at what to do next and where to go next. No! We take our clients to the realization of their application idea. Hence it is no surprise that our services of mobile application development are being used by a highly diverse and wide variety of consumers ranging from corporate users to mass consumers. We have an exceedingly practiced team that can cater to all sorts of different demands that are put to them. Each member of our team in their own place likes to look at and discover the unlimited possibilities of a mobile device through its comprehensive set of development tools.

Serving Joomla Development fresh and crisp

joomla development Services techliance

Joomla is for the most part accepted as an award-winning Content Management System. It facilitates in building websites and dominant online applications. Many features and characteristics including its ease-of-use and extensibility have completed Joomla as mainly well-liked. What really appeals to the masses about Joomla development is the low cost since this is one open source solution that is without restraint accessible to one and all.

Techliance has been expansively using Joomla to command and control the variety of tiny, average, standard and hefty web applications of our clients since very long now. We have a lineup of professional programmers that are specifically committed and devoted to their work of Joomla development for our clients all over the globe. We can handle any kind and any sort of project in Joomla from fundamental assimilation to conventional component development to customized work based on client requirement.

Joomla Development is especially perfect for companies who feel like to getting familiar with the power of CMS for ease of use and manageability of their sites with built in components. Techliance offers its clients just the thing that is just the right fit for those who want to administer and bring up to date the content within their websites with absolute track and power with bare minimum or insignificant technical proficiency or familiarity with management of such sort of thing.
The system includes features such as

1. page caching to improve performance,
2. RSS feeds,
3. printable versions of pages,
4. news flashes,
5. blogs,
6. polls,
7. Web site searching, and
8. internationalization

Techliance Joomla development specializes in providing Joomla based Open Source solutions. We craft custom web designs and templates that are table-less, entirely compliant, easily reached and Search Engine Optimized. Our developers/ programmers are skilled in content integration, hosting services, installation and configuration, custom components, plug-ins and maintenance. The services we provide our clients regarding Joomla development services include the following:

1. Custom Design Templates
2. Custom Modules Development
3. Custom Components Development
4. Design Integration
5. Module Installation
6. Custom Modification and Customization
7. Maintenance of Joomla Portals



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