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Facebook’s new look – interesting or …?

facebook new Look
Facebook, recently got numerous updates that at first annoyed Facebookers, but later on when users got used to it, they started liking it, in some way if not completely. We all know that Facebook already has 750 million users and its primary target is not to gain more users. Its primary target right now seems to be as elegant and modern as it can be.

In the recent f8 conference in San Francisco, it took a giant leap towards achieving its modernization goal. Facebook’s new looks at first might confuse its user base but later on the new look becomes the icon. Even if the new looks are complex and a bit confusing, user base doesn’t care – according to one point of view. As users come to Facebook due to emotional attachment than the necessity.

On the other hand, another school of thoughts say that as Facebook has dedicated users who have heart affiliation with this platform, it should not lose its emotional resonance. Otherwise people will start hating it – however this school of thoughts even accepts that no matter people hate or no, they simply will not leave it because everybody is Facebooking!
However these new changes compelled Facebookers to react over other social media platforms recently. Blogosphere, Twitter, and Google Plus are some names to mention where people talked about the ‘Frictionless Sharing’ of the new Facebook design.

Though to survive in a rapidly changing environment, and specially in today’s web, social media websites need to stay up-to-date but Facebook is an exception – as we have noticed it. People disliked the latest Facebook looks, but still they didn’t say they will stop using it!

What about you? Do you like the Facebook’s new look, hate it, want to suggest something? Share your thoughts with us through comments.

iPhone Application Development Through Professional iPhone Apps Developer

iPhone Application Development Company
Technology always possesses a tendency of surprising and astonishing both consumers and non-consumers by its innovative creation and deployment. The latest always takes over its predecessors, making even a bigger and better impression. And we anticipate another marvel revolutionizing our lives. At the present, we are endowed with the introduction of iPhone platform that has grabbed the attention of iPhone users across the world. Whether the user is a businessman, executive or professional, the vibrant assortment of iPhone mobile application makes connecting the outer world possible for everyone.

The iPhone applications platform is popular among both new and experienced developers for offering an easy solution to the creation of exciting apps and themes. Customized iPhone application development requires one perfect solution i.e., seamless iPhone application development by professional iPhone application developer. Given that iPhone holds the most popular space all over the globe, it is rewarding to capture the target market of iPhone consumers. And to do it, hire an iPhone developer who should be able to offer you various iPhone application development services with cost-effective solutions.

Every task requires a professional approach to be developed to deliver quality output and procurement satisfaction. So does iPhone application development. These applications need to be developed flawlessly in order to reach out to masses, and so should be developed by expert technicians. Let the iPhone apps developers take care of your application development needs and make an iPhone more useful. Hiring professional iPhone application developers not only leads dedicated expert services and assistance but is cost effective and saves your time too.

There are numerous business service providers that specialize in offering state-of-the-art iphone application development services within limited budget. Techliance is one of those. They are a leading iPhone app development company in USA. The

services offered by Techliance in iPhone application development include:
• iPhone custom application development,
• iPhone application QA & testing, &
• iPhone application support and maintenance.

The dedicated team of iPhone app developers and designers at Techliance possesses deep expertise in offshore iPhone mobile application development. By hiring dedicated professional from Techliance, you get a quick access to all the benefits of iPhone application development services. You can also take control expenses and increase profitability with their experienced iPhone developers. Contact Techliance, the finest service provider company for iPhone application development, to benefit from the unique and quality services at extremely affordable costs.

Suffice it to say that the revolutionary development of gadgets and applications has changed the online business scenario. This technology revolution has also come to pass all software and application development for your iPhone. Also the demand of the iPhone application is constantly increasing because every enterprise wants to make its presences felt in the world of smart phones. Learn more about “iPhone application development through professional iPhone developers” by browsing Techliance services.

Blackberry Application Development Services for Companies with Limited Budget

Blackberry Application Development Company
The smartphone generation, especially the Blackberry, has brought drastic changes to the cyber world. The Blackberry got immediate attention and was highly praised especially by business professionals for being more portable than both the desktop personal computer and laptop. The Blackberry lets consumers to have a direct access to the Web from any location. However, it is no longer the only smart phone available in the cell phone industry. Today, the competition has set in the smart phone market. And which is why their prices are affordable for mobile phone consumers from all walks of life. The number of Blackberry consumers is growing by leaps and bounds.

At this point, the demand of the Blackberry application is substantially high as enterprises of all sizes want to have their own Blackberry application so as to maintain their presence in the smart phone industry. This justifies the heavy investment in Blackberry applications; blackberry application generates huge returns for your business. To facilitate the small and big enterprises, many online business service providers have now started offering Blackberry Application Development services at the most competent rates. Thanks to their services that made it possible to find a number of applications on the internet and download to the mobile phones. Some of the Blackberry applications popular with users are shopping cart, ticket and travel, social networking, games and browser.

The Blackberry application development companies are offering their services to Small and Medium Enterprises alike. Gone are the days when only big companies with big budgets would afford Blackberry applications. Lately, the situation has drastically changed, quite literally. Today even smaller companies can put up a fine show by making their presence felt in the market as well as among users without fearing budget constraints. Wondering, how? Well the service providers or software houses enable both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) hire professional Blackberry application development services at low costs.

So whether you’re running a restaurant or maintaining a catering service business, you can still have a Blackberry application and use it to your advantage. Yes, hiring Blackberry application development services is within your means now. If you want to reach out to your customers and provide them with a comfort of placing their orders for food of their choice via their phones, get a Blackberry application developed today. Dedicated Blackberry consumers appreciate the flawless usage. Give them a flawless experience by contacting any mobile phone application development company or Techliance, to be exact.

The dedicated team of Blackberry application development experts at Techliance provides required services at reasonable prices to its clients. Employees here use Java tools as well as MIDP and CLDC applications to make the smartphone applications in a friendly environment. Contact Techliance for the development of an effective Blackberry application for your business within your budget.

Benefits of expert developers for troubleshooting your development problems

Many a time it happens that even most senior and expert developers of your company get stuck with some technical, programming related, or development code issues and waste much time on solving these, but still couldn’t get satisfactory solution. In other relevant case, it happens that while developing a new module, or editing a previously developed module, some functionality take too much time to be build and when build, has errors that are tough to find. Result is frustration!

There might be lots of solutions for such situations, but one simple, practical and most suitable solution is to have expert developers dedicated to troubleshoot your teams’ development problems. It bring many benefits. Increased productivity, decreased frustration and quick turnaround are some benefits to be mentioned. Let’s talk in a bit details.

If you have multiple teams consisting of several employees, only a project manager or team lead are not enough to handle all of such coding or troubleshooting issues. Because team leads and project managers have other responsibilities too and they can’t go to each resource to resolve their development problems. This is the reason various companies hire or internally promote expert developers as code troubleshooters to cope with such issues.

Be it PHP, Android, Java, .NET, or any programming language or environment, coming of such technical issues is inevitable and un-avoidable. Usually such troubleshooting experts are those resources who have spent much time in programming or your company’s specific domain and are practically well-aware of most of the issues that can occur during development.

So any time if a junior resource or even a senior developer if gets stuck in coding issues, they just call troubleshooting expert and he quickly identifies the issue and then suggests the solution. It helps teams reach their deadlines too. Such developers never let the development process stop and keep pushing the development standards to better than before. So code optimization also can be achieved by getting reasonable suggestions from these developers.

At Techliance, we have expert code troubleshooting developers who not only help our in-house developers solve their technical issues quickly but also offer their services to various other software development clients too. Need consultancy services or want to hire our such services to improve your development speed? Ping us today and we’ll ensure you get the ping reply within no time :).



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