Magento Customization and Development

magento development and customization

Magento is a well-known shopping cart that facilitates the development of online E-commerce stores. This is a resourceful E-commerce platform, which offers a variety of features to create, form and manage online shopping stores. There is an active community that provides great support to this software and makes updates, promptly. This is why we experience new and improved features being appended to the software, time and again. Despite being a popular shopping cart, business owners cannot customize it themselves; hence expert PHP developers are required. There are a lot of companies that offer Magento customization and development services. These services happen to be similar to those offered by other PHP CMS customization. As it is an open source content management system, changes can be ea ...

Mobile Development with PHP

Mobile apps development

PHP is a tool for building web applications; however, mobile applications can be developed using the same tool but it is a relatively new area of discussion for the PHP developers. PHP development community is keeping a keen eye on Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 launch that is due in May this year. This new version is not an ordinary Flash Builder product rather it is the inaugural baby product of Zend and Adobe partnership, and that too, with the complete backing of Zend.

In the past, Flash Builder was purely an Adobe product but this time the combined efforts of Adobe and Zend Studio have come out with Flash Builder 4.5. It has features that make ...

Professional SEO helps your brand go globallay local!

Search Engine Optimization is a leading online marketing technique today. It refers to the process of optimizing your website’s availability – that is improving the visibility of your website – so much so the website appears earlier or higher on the page and as frequently as possible in the search results list against specific terms or keywords. More and more people get hooked on internet every second of the day, one thing or the other is holding the attention of internet surfers and a good number of those include your potential customers too. In order to attract your potential customers, you need effective online marketing strategies and penetrative yet result-oriented SEO ...



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