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Magento Customization and Development

Magento is a well-known shopping cart that facilitates the development of online E-commerce stores. This is a resourceful E-commerce platform, which offers a variety of features to create, form and manage online shopping stores. There is an active community that provides great support to this software and makes updates, promptly. This is why we experience new and improved features being appended to the software, time and again.

Despite being a popular shopping cart, business owners cannot customize it themselves; hence expert PHP developers are required. There are a lot of companies that offer Magento customization and development services. These services happen to be similar to those offered by other PHP CMS customization. As it is an open source content management system, changes can be easily made and an expert PHP developer can customize it according to the needs of the customers.

Magento customization services can carry out a variety of tasks, such as commerce module customization, shopping cart customization and integration, import and export of products in Magento store, theme designing and customization, Plug-in installation, Add-on installation and widgets customization and more. Magento customization also offers other tasks such as order editing, coupons to meta-tags and SEO URL’s, comparisons of products, and order emails editing etc. It allows your customers to select, review, rate and purchase products online. However, if you intend to get a customized Magento solution, you must know that a dedicated server from hosting provider is needed to run fast online shops.

Techliance offers end-to-end Magento customization and development services. These cover almost everything, ranging from code modifications to theme designing, plug-in development to add-on installation, and optimizing performance to SEO etc. Contact us today to get a free quote.

Mobile Development with PHP

PHP is a tool for building web applications; however, mobile applications can be developed using the same tool but it is a relatively new area of discussion for the PHP developers. PHP development community is keeping a keen eye on Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 launch that is due in May this year. This new version is not an ordinary Flash Builder product rather it is the inaugural baby product of Zend and Adobe partnership, and that too, with the complete backing of Zend.

In the past, Flash Builder was purely an Adobe product but this time the combined efforts of Adobe and Zend Studio have come out with Flash Builder 4.5. It has features that make it much desired by the developers. PHP developers can develop mobile applications in an integrated environment which has the strengths of both PHP and Adobe Flash put together in one. Both of these applications are built on the Eclipse platform, which allows you to develop Flex and PHP code simultaneously.

Developing mobile applications which are near to perfection is an entirely different experience for the developers working from scratch in an integrated environment. This is only possible because it has two powerful programs bundled together into one; this makes it so great. That means you can construct apps that are easily deployable to Android devices with support for BlackBerry and iOS shipping within 60 days.

Despite the fact that the codes written in it cannot be deployable to every mobile platform, it can still be less time-consuming. The good part is that you can develop a private code in Flash Builder that can be installed separately without hindering the other three mobile platforms and the web. Adobe folks have estimated the code re-usability to go up by a good margin all across the mobile platforms, and with it the development time may shrink too.

Integrated debugging sets this program wide apart from the rest. It enables the developer to control, manage and handle debugging for all platforms; the server side PHP, device code, desktop, IDE, and that too, in the most efficient manner by nailing all the bugs in one sitting.

Techliance makes sure that our developers remain updated with the latest technological advancements, trending tools and everything else that falls between the two.

Professional SEO helps your brand go globallay local!

Search Engine Optimization is a leading online marketing technique today. It refers to the process of optimizing your website’s availability – that is improving the visibility of your website – so much so the website appears earlier or higher on the page and as frequently as possible in the search results list against specific terms or keywords. More and more people get hooked on internet every second of the day, one thing or the other is holding the attention of internet surfers and a good number of those include your potential customers too. In order to attract your potential customers, you need effective online marketing strategies and penetrative yet result-oriented SEO plans to improve your business’s online visibility.

Appropriate SEO plans can help grow your online presence in more than one ways, such that your brand goes globally local, reaching customers far and wide particularly in the way your customer should be viewing it. If your business web site can emerge and re-emerge on search engine results page, it obviously is a healthy sign and a sign of many good things to come. All this talk means one thing and one thing only, more visibility, more stopovers and more ROI. At the end of a day, it all comes to down to what you can do online to increase your sales revenues, and SEO is an answer to all these worries.

If you hire professional SEO services for your business; basically, you’ve obtained a promotional program that never sleeps. It is there every second, every minute, and every hour of the day serving the whole band of your existing and potential customers. The combined synergistic effect of increased visibility and availability underscores your unrelenting commitment towards your customer, it means you value their time, and of course, serving them best could only mean more business.

By getting quality SEO services, you can quantify the SEO results. An effective SEO plan will help you get more sales. Isn’t that what you are looking for as a business?

There are various SEO strategies that include keyword research, article marketing, social bookmarking, email marketing, forum posting, and link building etc. In social bookmarking your website is submitted to various social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, StumleUpon and YouTube. Research shows that such websites generate unique and increased traffic for your business.  Professional keyword research services also play a very important role in your website’s SEO. It helps you identify the suitable and necessary keywords in a specific niche market to target on. In the same way professional link building, article marketing, email marketing and forum posting services also play a vital role in making your website famous on the internet.

At Techliance our SEO experts understand your online marketing needs and are totally committed to providing you with the most suitable online marketing and SEO solutions at affordable rates. And that is our optimization.



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