6 SEO Tips To Consider While Re-Designing Your Website

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Appropriate SEO efforts have become essential for any website no matter it is being redesigned or being launched from scratch. Most of website owners think that SEO efforts will be started once the website is designed, redesigned and launched. In real it can cost you more money as SEO team can suggest you some changes in design when design has completed. So better is to start your SEO efforts while you are making a new design for your existing or brand new website. Especially when you are redesigning your existing website, you need to take extra care because if you don’t care; your website traffic can marginally be decreased. For this reason, today we are going to share 6 effective tips which you should consider while redesigning your existing website. 1. Develop a website that is both user and Search Engine friendly When we say both user friendly and Search engine; we precisely mean a websi ...

Overview Of Microsoft And Nokia Strategic Alliance

Android Development

In recent decades technology has reached on its boom, world saw various new gadgets in previous years. Ranging from Tablets to Smartphones there are several techno devices to talk about. Coming towards the mobile development platform, Nokia’s Symbian was a name that along with BlackBerry OS remained hot for quite a long tenure. Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android development platforms captured attention of the world in last 5 years and marginally snatched the mobile market share from Symbian, BlackBerry and other mobile development platforms. Broad changes were noticed in recent years that changed the mobile app development sector all together. While iPhone is the widely-and-wildly-loved Smartphone, Android based Smartphones on the other ha ...



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