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Top Web Design Trends for 2014

web design trends

Web design trends change every year and it is important for business owners to keep their website updated with latest trends. However, different trends emerge during the year, most of them are for limited time. It is important for every webmaster to keep their website updated with web design trends to stay ahead of the competition. For 2014, we have observed that Simplicity, Flat Design, Responsive Design, Storytelling and Typography elements will be important. Simplicity

The idea of simplicity is to make the user experience extraordinary. It does not mean that your website have to be plain a ...

Is Outsourcing a Bad Idea?


Outsourcing can be very beneficial for companies to reduce costs, access to expert workforce, and flexibility of workforce. There are obvious advantages of outsourcing and some disadvantages as well for few businesses. Disadvantages of Outsourcing When you outsource a project there is dependency on the outsourcer. You loss control of the ownership of the resource as compared to in-house resource. You have to provide exceptionally detailed specs for the project detailing everything, validation rules whether simple or complex, list of all the technologies and the devices you want your application or website to work. It is a difficult task because if you miss anything and want to add later, outsourcing company will charge you more for extra features. When you outsource services like payroll and tax preparation, outsourcing company has access to all the ...

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for CEOs

android apps for ceo

The world of smartphones growing faster than ever. Every business owner use smartphones to stay updated about their business on the go. The basic use of smartphones for any business owner is to have a regular access to office documents and applications where they can utilize every minute of time. Here are some of the top Android Apps that every CEO must consider. Cab4me

Are you running late for a meeting in another city? Cab4me helps you find a taxi fast without getting late for your meeting. Use the quick mode to select the ca ...

Latest Trends in Ecommerce for 2014


As 2013 ended with immense growth in ecommerce, digital age is now growing faster as old brands expanding their operations and taking over small markets worldwide. We have seen the trend of mobile commerce on the rise for 2013 and it is expected to remain same for 2014. Big giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple spent billions of dollars in expanding their ecommerce activities. Amazon is now competing with Wal-Mart indirectly by becoming the digital giant.  Similarly, Google is focusing on increasing ecommerce transactions by expanding Google Wallet services. Let us look at some of the rising trends for 2014: Mobile Commerce


Pros and Cons of Developing an App in HTML5 and Native Platform

native app or html5 which one is better

There is a huge demand for mobile application development services. Use of internet on smartphones is ever increasing. When it comes to developing a mobile app, there are two options. - HTML5 or Native Platform. Which platform is best suited for your app idea is a big question and debated heavily across development community. When our client’s approach Techliance for their mobile app development projects, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We help them understand which platform would be - best suited for their application and why. In this article, you will find out some general advantages and disadvantaged of building an app in HTML5 or native platform. Pros of HTML5 Budget Friendly ...


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